Thursday, March 31, 2011

YSL at Villa Mabrouka

The designer Jacques Grange created this soothing villa in Morocco for Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge', with gardens by Madison Cox. I was fortunate to meet Mr Grange and to get to know Madison while I lived in New York. What amazing talents they are! One of the penthouses I worked on with Parkin Saunders had a large terrace facing central park, and Madison was hired to install amazing custom Versailles planters...I assisted Mr Grange with his installation of a model room at Bloomingdales in Manhattan, and boy did he work like a devil. He even took off his shirt and just wore what the english call a vest (undershirt), which I found terribly chic in a way that only the french can be. I was intrigued by the hall in Villa Mabrouka since it incorporates a gilt sunburst, and as you know, I have a copy of a Line Vautrin sunburst mirror over my sofa in my "salon". Pierre Berge' and Madison Cox have done a set of books on gardens around the world - just google Madison for more information or go to Amazon books. Enjoy! DF *****