Monday, September 30, 2013

Decorator Scrapbook, More Inspirations

Slipper Chair, Pierre Deux

Slipper Chair, Hickory Chair

Dragon Bowl, Maison Auclair

Small Imari bowl, scalloped, Duck and Dolphin

Scalloped edge plate, Maitland Smith

Inlaid table top, Cedric DuPont
Today, since it's the last day of September, I thought of cool blues as an inspiration- since it was 90 degrees today here in South Florida...according to colour experts, Pantone, blue is the most popular of all the colours- in all of its glorious shades.  

Also, NEWS ALERT! I've left Design West and have taken some much needed time off- Billy and I just returned from a lovely relaxing week on the east coast- and I'll be joining Norris Home Furnishings, beginning next month.  Find me there, at 5015 Tamiami Trail North, Naples...just down the street from the Hilton and I look forward to seeing all of my old friends ! Cheers!  DF *****  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

1962 Silver Cloud seen in Naples

I think one of the most elegant cars ever made was the heavenly Rolls Royce Silver Cloud series.  Made from 1955 to 1966, these cars still command handsome prices, and there was also a convertible or drophead, as they called it.  The Sultan of Brunei had a red one, which is currently on the market.  The Cloud shown above, is sitting in Naples right now, it's a 1962 model, with only 52,000 miles, and the owner is asking $49,900.00 The paint is black, and the hides are tan colour.  The chic black paint reminded me of a taffeta dress on Grace Kelly-

Above, one of my favorite portraits of her- if she had been a car, it would have been a Silver Cloud- the ultimate elegance of the car and the lady inspire me, and excite me, in the same way that I get excited about rococo furniture and decorative  arts.  I hope that these images will inspire you too, and make a better day happen for you!  Cheers!  DF *****

Monday, September 16, 2013

Inspired by Mongiardino

Original sketches, D.F.I.D.

As you may know, we've been scouring the library- here in the home office- looking at books such as "Roomscapes, The Decorative Architecture of Renzo Mongiardino" 1993 Rizzoli - for further enlightenment and inspiration for the new Naples flat.  Above, you can see where, we added some "strips" of a discontinued Alan Campbell documentary print, called "Cross Creek" - which was adapted from a 19th century house of the same name, in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  This touch will add just the certain "off" look we are striving for- innovation being the mother of creativity- and I look forward to showing the finished look on DFS, so stay tuned!  Cheers! Have a great week- DF *****

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mark Hampton On Fireplaces

From "Mark Hampton On Decorating" 1989 Random House

Continuing in the theme of mantels and fireplaces, I was perusing my library for images of decorative treatments of mantels- and came across this amazing Mark Hampton watercolor rendering, from his 1989 book "Mark Hampton On Decorating" -which has a whole chapter devoted to fireplaces. Above, the blue room is from George Stacey's work for Vincent Astor in the 1940's.  There is a new book by Maureen Footer coming out on the work of George Stacey- see The Devoted Classicist for more information.

Above, Marks' rendering of fashion designer Christian Diors' Paris house, resonated with me because it shows an English leather chesterfield facing the fireplace- something we're planning for my new Naples flat.  While the famous decorator Georges Geffroy retained the Louis XVI mantel, I found it an odd coincidence that I just happened upon this image after we had already purchased an antique chesterfield, and a new Louis style mantel, albeit Louis XV- !  Mr. Hampton died, after an illustrious career, in July, 1998, and his work is being carried on by his elegant daughter, Alexa, who is also coming out with a new book- stay tuned for more to follow- Cheers!  DF ***** 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Italian Luigi XV Mantel

Louis XV Style mantel, Agostinos, Naples

Here's the new mantel I've been posting about, in the recent series regarding my new flat here in Naples- I had seen this about maybe two years ago- and finally decided to get it- as you can see, it's quite a showy piece- and it'll be fun to share with you how it looks installed in the new apartment we're planning, for my personal and business use.  Agostinos has some wonderful Italian imports- the owner goes over four times a year- and I've been bringing clients there for many years.  I did find some antique "chenet" (fire dogs) today- at The Antiques Center of Naples- but am holding off on those.  They were old brass, and not the gilt bronze that I long for.  Better yet, we might instead use selenite logs or obelisque as fire dogs.  I love that Jean Michel Frankenstein look! :) Cheers!  DF *****

Friday, September 13, 2013

Maquette for My New Living Room

Maquette for Dean
Here, you can see the maquette, or model, also known in Italian as a "macchietta"- which is the elevations taken from the sketched furniture plan, shown in yesterday's post.  Parsons School of Design students (interior design) were taught how to make these for many years- and luckily for me, I inherited the old PSOD faculty when I attended the Fashion Institute, in New York.  We had originally planned to have lacquered aubergine walls, but have opted to go with a satin finish in a mushroom colour called "Victorian Garden" by Benjamin Moore.  

My former "Living Room"

Above, you can see the new sofa, which I plan to use (see south elevation) but am deciding whether to use the same art with pair porcelains on brackets above it, or switch back to the "Versailles" gold sunburst mirror...what do you think?  (I have it sketched in above, in maquette)

 Above, the sunburst above my old settee- which now is planned to go on the east elevation (see maquette) -flanked with the granny smith apple green velvet painted oval back armchairs...
Spanish Louis XV style from Albert
This rug is still being considered

One can never have enough "Louis" !

And I think I will use the new painted jute rug- from Poetic Wanderlust, by Tracy Porter (see my earlier post on Tracy). See the furniture plan sketch in yesterday's post.  The teal and gilt painted armchair from Albert will look stunning with the casual Elizabeth Eakins meets Alan Campbell jute rug- !

Notice the Louis XV mantel, above, from famous Villa La Fiorentina- this was probably our inspiration (how iconic!) for the north elevation- and while I don't have such a grand ceiling height to work with (quel horreur!) I think it will add a wonderful bit of "architecture" to the room- and I feel that if Mrs. Parish had a "faux" fireplace in her Manhattan office, then so can I !  I LOVE the blue and white porcelain garniture on this mantel, and John Tackett, from the Devoted Classicist, posted the set when it sold- it went for a song- I still don't have a picture yet of our new mantel- but it's a Florentine piece, in a rich walnut finish with some gilding on the carvings- if we don't like the finish we can always paint it out- like AH did to the marble one in his cottage here- but I think the somewhat gaudy look will work with our pair of olive suede Louis XV style armchairs...stay tuned for more updates to come!  Cheers!  DF *****

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sister, Mario, and Dean !

Concept sketch, D.F.I.D.
We're having a great time planning my new apartment- here in The Moorings- and wanted to share this designer sketch, known as an "esquisse" with you, dear readers...I was inspired by seeing a false fireplace in the office of Mrs. Henry Parish, II- and have decided to use a Louis XV style mantel in my new living room- oddly enough, the small cottage once owned by Albert Hadley, here in Naples, also had a white painted Louis XV style mantel!  As for dear Mario B, my new palette is an homage to him, since it combines the colours of a garden...

Mrs. Parish's former maisonette, by Mario Buatta

Above, notice the rouge marble Louis XV mantel, which helps to create an architectural focal point. We plan to hang the circa 1800 gilt wood mirror above my mantel, and I really like very much the refined mix that is a classic signature of Mario's work, and we hope to achieve this look in my new flat. (on a smaller scale!)  The other focal point in this view is the magnificent red chinoiserie secretary.

Above, in a vintage Palm Beach house, a gilt sunburst was hung above the mantel.  Notice there is no rug on the dark wood floor- we are also considering a dark wood floor, versus a tile floor.  I like the subtle French undertones of this room, which I had posted about previously, under Maurice Fatio.

Dean Farris Interior Design

Above, my copy of a "Versailles" style sunburst, with mirror, after a model by Line Vautrin.  This mirror was sourced from Wisteria, which is owned by the daughter of Lisa Newsome, the founder of the beautiful decor' magazine- VERANDA.  I'm not sure where it will go yet, probably above the circa 1900 cognac brown leather chesterfield sofa.  I'm mostly using existing furnishings for my new flat, and we may or may not use the ikat jute rug shown in an earlier post...and stay tuned for some exciting news! (secret) - what do you think? Should we go with a bare floor, or add a rug? Any thoughts and suggestions would be most appreciated!  Cheers!  DF *****


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Healing Waters, Agostinos

The fountain at Agostinos Plaza, Naples

Today is a glorious weather day, here in sunny Naples- and yesterday, I visited one of my favorite sources for designer goodies, Agostinos- and also Profloors- while there,  I took time to reflect on the memorial of 9-11- and felt that this image, was soothing, and even healing, being a trickling fountain of cool waters... hoping that, wherever you are in the world, that some kind of inner peace can be yours, if only for a moment.  Enjoy!  DF*****

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fantasy "Cottage" on Green Dolphin Lane

Green Dolphin Lane, Naples

This is one of my favorite of the newer houses in Port Royal.  Sited at the end of a quiet street, on a peaceful cul-de-sac, I think it's the work of Naples architect, Jeff Harrell- but am not sure about that- and this is not the best shot of it- you can't see to the right, there is a very antique looking pair of "barn" doors- that seem to be decorative.  Also, there are huge alocasias in the courtyard- adding an exotic allure...I recently learned about the fabulous banana type plants -sometimes called "elephant ears" from the Martha Stewart blog, which I've added to the blog list below.  I have to say, Martha is the real thing- regardless of what anyone says- she does it all!  Enjoy your day dear DFS readers...Cheers!  DF *****

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Decorator Scrapbook, Dean Farris

When I was designing for Norris, about four years ago, I created this lovely remodel and decoration for a client in Naples, who came through a referral from the office of the late Albert Hadley...the living room (partially shown, above) was featured on the Hickory Chair blog...

The sun room-guest bedroom, faces west towards the gulf- and we used woven wicker chairs and a nice soft wool carpet in a cheery yellow and white plaid...

The small Kitchen- we replaced an old Sub-Zero fridge, and installed a new bamboo floor, new cabinets, honed marble tops, and new glass tile backsplash with a unique embossed fish motif... 


Above, we created, with the builder, Tony Felice, a handsome built-in, with false doors, glazed in clear mirror, creating an illusion of more space in the small, 1970's era space- we also recovered an existing Lawson arm Billy Baldwin style sofa in a nubby oyster Ralph Lauren silk tweed...this small sofa faces the terrace and the serene Gulf of Mexico...and is quite comfortable...this small condo also has two bathrooms we also gutted and remodeled, and the master bedroom has been shown in a previous post on DFS...hope you enjoy this glimpse of a pet project of ours- Cheers! DF*****