Thursday, March 31, 2011

YSL at Villa Mabrouka

The designer Jacques Grange created this soothing villa in Morocco for Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge', with gardens by Madison Cox. I was fortunate to meet Mr Grange and to get to know Madison while I lived in New York. What amazing talents they are! One of the penthouses I worked on with Parkin Saunders had a large terrace facing central park, and Madison was hired to install amazing custom Versailles planters...I assisted Mr Grange with his installation of a model room at Bloomingdales in Manhattan, and boy did he work like a devil. He even took off his shirt and just wore what the english call a vest (undershirt), which I found terribly chic in a way that only the french can be. I was intrigued by the hall in Villa Mabrouka since it incorporates a gilt sunburst, and as you know, I have a copy of a Line Vautrin sunburst mirror over my sofa in my "salon". Pierre Berge' and Madison Cox have done a set of books on gardens around the world - just google Madison for more information or go to Amazon books. Enjoy! DF *****

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Decorator Scrapbook VII

Marshall Field Style chair at Webster and Company

Great pair of lamps!

Inspired by Sally Sirkin Lewis, and Paris in the 30's

Anything tufted in upholstery sets me on fire!

From the Naples Winter Antiques Show
It's 6:49 am and I must be obsessed by blogging, since I'm up rather early! My passion is design and decorating, fashion and art, and that's what pops me out of bed in the morning, plus the promise of BREAKFAST!!!! You know, I'm so fortunate to have the wonderful clients that I work with and for, and the work is when the magic really happens for a designer. Having started this blog about two years ago, I've met others doing the same in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Connecticut, and Palm Beach! It's like a community...and here are some random images I want to share with YOU! From my life as a decorator in the post real estate crash environment of Florida...challenging and inspiring all at the same time. Enjoy! DF *****

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heavenly Halls!

Interior design by Elizabeth Dinkel

I very much like these two halls I found on the exciting new design blog called The Enchanted Home...the classic black and white checkered one is by my friend Leta Fosters daughter, Los Angeles designer Elizabeth Dinkel. I plan to incorporate some of this look into our new South Carolina project, if at all possible. The elegance and beauty of these floors is unrivaled! April coming can it be so soon? I know that all of my friends up north will be glad to see it, and the merry month of May even more so. Enjoy the day, wherever in the world you are! DF *****

Monday, March 28, 2011

Room of the Week, Dean Farris

photo: courtesy Naples Daily News

We created this lovely and charming bedroom for a Naples client about six years ago. He's still enjoying it, when he is here for the Winter season, and there is a flat screen television and computer contained in a large armoire as well. The ceiling is vaulted, and we mirrored the wall behind the bed, as well as all four walls in the en suite bath, where we used Osborne & Little stars wallpaper on the ceiling! The bed coverlet is an embroidered silk. Interior design by Dean Farris Interior Design, Naples, Florida.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inspired by Michael Taylor

Modern baroque interior by Dean Farris Interior Design

Coco Chanel also loved simple elegance
I love the simplicity that the late Michael Taylor promoted, along with his love of antiques, creating a sort of "modern baroque" style. Here, I stripped down my "salon" and cleaned it of clutter and am enjoying the plain look. I did stop at Pottery Barn and look at natural fiber rugs - perhaps I'll add one in to this mix for more of the peasant look we love.

Contrast is perhaps my favorite word in the decorating vocabulary - I like it very much! As I swept the floors with an old broom, I thought of Madame Eugenia Errazuriz, and how she was known almost a hundred years ago for her love of clean, swept away can read more about her in the Cecil Beaton book "The Glass of Fashion" . Enjoy! DF *****

Friday, March 25, 2011

Floor Design: Foyer

Design by Dean Farris, table, Michael Greer

I chose to share this foyer from Houston, Texas today, as I'm proposing a similar design for my new 11,000 square foot project in South Carolina. Sister Parish was known for her dramatic floor treatments, and I'm a big fan of hers. Compare this shot in Houston with one I created in a Naples, Florida condominium, using inlaid marble. Dean Farris Interior Design. DF ****** Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Classic Architectural Backgrounds

Normally, if I have a visceral response to a room, it's because of a strong sense of the architecture of the space. Modernist or classical, I feel that the bones of a room or any space must be right prior to any of the wonderful and charming decoration going in. Here, I feature some backgrounds that I've borrowed, showing old clients how everything goes back to what came before. I simply adore a flat screen television concealed in a 19th century chinoiserie cabinet on stand! I love the contrast between the old and the new. That is my mantra. Love me or leave me! Enjoy! DF *****

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Room of the Week, Renee Gaddis

Model by Renee Gaddis, ASID

Moraya Bay, Naples

Yesterday, William and I toured the exquisite new property here called Moraya Bay, courtesy of the on site sales office - and were most impressed. Containing only 72 large residences, this gorgeous "U" shaped tower is totally state of the art - with fiber optics built in, private elevator foyers, and superior level of finish everywhere you look. The models are beyond belief - here is a glimpse of one by the Collins and Dupont designer, Renee Gaddis, ASID. If you are ever in Naples you must pay a visit to Moraya Bay. Just down the street is the top rated LaPlaya resort, and also the fabulous Turtle Club seaside restaurant, which I had posted about last year. One of the features we admired in the model by Renee was her flooring, which was a very unusual bleached parquetry look, with a bone dry finish. We also saw two other models and they were just as beautiful, all over 4000 square feet of luxury. Enjoy! DF *****

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Kings Speech

In Miami, 1941

With Ginseng and Diamond, 1975

The rented Bois de Boulogne villa

Last night, I finally saw The Kings Speech, starring Colin Firth. I was compelled to see this film, as I've always been fascinated by the Duke of York's famous brother, The Duke of Windsor, who famously gave up the throne to marry his sweetheart, Wallis Simpson. I urge you to see this if you haven't already, it is a superb piece of work. All of the actors are stunning and so realistic in their portrayals. Do bring a handkerchief, as it is somewhat emotional at times. See my posting below of an interview with the Duke and Duchess. Here too are some telling pics of their lives together. Sadly, once the Duke died, poor Wallis was left very much alone, although with a full staff of servants, and her pugs. What a truly romantic story! Enjoy! DF *****

Duke of Windsor - discusses meeting Wallis

Monday, March 21, 2011

Masculine Wood Flooring!

We were able to retain the existing "baseboard"

Landing at top of stairs, carpet - Ralph Lauren Home

The rug we purchased six years ago

I love the idea of "hand scraped" wood floors right now. Some of these appear to be actually "hand scraped" while others really are...obviously the price is higher for the real thing. It seems that, in our modern, high tech world, authenticity is one thing that is a truly rare, and costly, commodity. On this job, I had suggested to the client that we install a fitted seagrass over the existing dated looking tile floor, as a way to improve the look of the space, as well as to freshen up his collection of french and italian antiques. I'm glad we didn't do it, as seagrass requires maintenance, he has a dog, and it would have cost more than the new hardwood floor! Furthermore, seagrass has unfortunately become a decorating cliche' (although highly rated in the authentic department) and I just thought it was perhaps a bit trite, even though most clients who are not tuned in still don't understand it. Taste is all relative to the individual; one can't force a client to have something that they don't like. This wood flooring from ProFloors is classic, timeless, and will improve the resale value of this condo. Here are a few quick shots I took while over there to inspect the final installation. Enjoy! DF ***** Room by Dean Farris Interior Design.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Room of the Week, Mario Buatta

Room by Mario Buatta

My good friend, Mario

Who wouldn't love this beautiful grand salon by famous Mario? In a New York penthouse, it's the epitome of what Buatta does. Color, antiques, glazed finishes, curtains, and pillows. STYLE, STYLE, STYLE! This room harks back to the famous Nancy Lancaster "buttah yellow" room we all worship and adore. This shade of yellow green he used is very specific to a certain refined sense of color - Carleton Varney also uses it frequently. The amazing thing about this room of the week is the vast, barrel vaulted ceiling, entirely covered in silver tea paper! There is a celestial thing going on in this apartment, as seen in the art, and an unusual globe chandelier from Rosselli in the inner foyer. This is what I would choose if I could have anything - a NYC penthouse all done up by fabulous Mario Buatta! Enjoy. DF*****

P.S. please say a prayer for the people of Japan- God bless them.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sartorial Scott: That Kardashian Thing

Scott Disick

Scott's idea of a Halloween costume

Maurice and Alexandra

Charlottes' new design book!

I really get a kick out of Scott Disick, the boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian. He loves clothes, and has a lot of personal style, which I admire. He also has a big personality, and tons of confidence. All good qualities in a young man.

Today, I received a beautiful hand written note from Alexandra Fatio Taylor, her son saw my post on Maurice Fatio, her famous architect father, and she was so kind to write to me from Geneva, letting me know she'd be in PB next month. I also got a charming hand written note from dear Jennifer Boles in Atlanta, author of The Peak of Chic, one of my favorite design blogs - thanks Jennifer! Thanks Alexandra!

Good news! Charlotte Moss is headed to Naples! Looking forward to the excitement. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.... DF *****

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paris, Florence, or Naples?


Dear readers and followers, I couldn't resist sharing these images of my living room, here in lovely Naples. Florida, U.S. The afternoon light glowing, and I brought back the two gold damask chairs from dear Mary. We got these from dealer Eric Dumont... I just love this glowing effect, and wanted to share it. Enjoy! DF *****


Interior design: Dean Farris, Photography: Dean Farris

Hand Scraped Wood Floors

Seen at Miromar Design Center

We finally decided to go with wood versus seagrass for the Fleck job. I specified Majestic "Maple Almond" in a hand scraped finish...through ProFloors here in Naples. This floor will set off all of the french furnishings and the needlepoint aubusson style rug we purchased from Designers Rug Center about six years ago. The old grey tile will be banished forever, as this new floor goes right over it, in the living room, dining area, sunroom, hall, and kitchen/laundry room. Here are some early progess shots I took yesterday. Stay tuned for more! DF *****

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trina Turk and Peter Fasano

Trina Turk

Peter Fasano

Judith Auclair Mirror

We liked this fridge at Clive Christian

Great looking chair!

We found these beautiful things yesterday, while shopping at Webster & Company. Trina Turk has these amazing indoor/outdoor fabrics, and I've enjoyed using Peter Fasano for years. We also saw a La Cornue range at Clive Christian for a mere $38,500.00. I look forward to sharing more from the design center with you soon. Enjoy! DF*****

Monday, March 14, 2011

Miromar Design Center

Today. William and I are shopping for various clients at the beautiful Miromar Design Center, just north of Naples, in Estero, Florida. where we can find the most elegant and useful items, including favorites from our favorite source there called Webster & Company. Here are some images I took to share with you, conveying the magnificent Juan Montoya designed center. We also shop at DCOTA, in Dania, as well as ADAC, in Atlanta, and of course, the D & D in New York. I also enjoy the Blue Whale in Los Angeles...although I admit I haven't been there in many years. Please fellow designers, continue to patronize these design centers, as I worry that they will become extinct if we don't! This challenging economy is something we shall overcome! DF *****

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Carriage Trade

When I first relocated to Naples, I worked for a very established, high end furniture store called Robb & Stucky. Established in 1915, this store catered to Henry Ford and Thomas Edison...and has expanded into Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Costa Rica. Unfortunately, the real estate crash has taken its toll on Robb & Stucky. The stores are now being liquidated - my client found this lovely Odom influenced sofa there, and I told her to go ahead and get it, since it's price was reduced by half. Stay tuned for more news on the loss of another fine carriage trade establishment. DF *****