Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Collections!

Cobble Stripe




Carita in Cucumber 100% linen

Shagreen in Latte Linen/Silk/Cotton

I so enjoyed meeting today with Daryl Osborne from Jerry Pair Associates. Devilishly handsome Daryl showed new tissus from Jim Thompson and Clarence House that I was very much inspired by, and plan to show to clients soon.


Paige Downey, from Suzanne Tucker Home was kind enough to share with me beautiful and useful samples from the 2011 Spring Collection as well. Here, I show and share with you these very good looking fabrics, which I plan to use on various projects. Congratulations Suzanne on the debut of your new fabrics line! DF *****

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Designer Oscars!

A recent picture of Mario

Good friends at the David Easton party

The magic of Mario

Vintage Mario, circa 1980's

Sunday morning musings...the Oscars, Mario Buatta, and relaxing by the pool. I was thrilled to receive a call from old friend Mario, who deserves an Oscar, (he did the Blair House in Washington, and Mariah Carey's NYC penthouse) - Mario B is always such fun to chat with, he has the best sense of humour, and I do count him as a mentor, since we once worked together on his model room at Bloomingdales! I just received this wonderful shot of William, Judith Auclair, and Kevin Stefani (designer friend from Cleveland) taken at the Webster and Company party for David Easton, who was here recently promoting his new book. I had client meetings so was unable to attend. I've also included a favorite room Mario did for one of his socialite clients, with the gorgeous acid washed lacquered aubergine walls I love so much. Enjoy your morning, wherever in the world you may be. DF *****
PS: New York School of Interior Design is naming its materials library after Mario, to be called the Mario Buatta Atelier. Congrats Mario!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Room of the Week, Naples



I chose to feature my very own living room today - inspired by legendary fashion designers such as CHANEL, YSL, and CHRISTIAN DIOR, it's a throwback to a time when elegance and refinement were highly valued and sought after. Louis XV revival style has had several incarnations, and never seems to die, just wane in and out. I do need two upholstered chairs to complete the look, would like to order them from DeAngelis in New York. A fun counterpoint would be the two Barcelona chairs a new client here would like to dispose of. I know I've featured this room many times before on DFS, but it seems to change and grow all the time, as we make small adjustments here and there. I'm constantly moving things around!

Just received some ravishing samples from the new Suzanne Tucker Home collection, and look forward to sharing these with you next week! Enjoy the weekend! DF *****

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Georgian Revival - New Project

This bank is our inspiration

Home of Johnston Design Group, Architects

Concept drawing by an architect we had worked with previously

A cozy room in the tear down house...

This small charmer will most likely be torn down to make way for our new georgian

I look forward to the next year or so of new creative work for the ground up execution of a new georgian revival house in South Carolina... here are some shots I took while visiting the up country this past weekend, which are the basis of inspiration for the architectural style we have chosen for the house, to be designed by Scott Johnston and Carmella Cioffi of Johnston Design Group, Greenville, South Carolina. This will be the sixth house I've designed the interiors of for this couple, and their lake home was published in the Oct/Nov 1999 issue of "Country" magazine. Will share images of that house in a later post. Enjoy! DF*****

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

South Carolina Elegance!

I just returned from a quick trip to the lovely up country of South Carolina, where I'm consulting on house number six for dear client/friends. We met with the Johnston Design Group (architects) and the potential builder. This new house will be sited on a beautiful six acre site, in the lovely rolling hill country. Stay tuned for some tantalizing pics! DF *****

Saturday, February 19, 2011

One Kings Lane raises $23 million in new financing

One Kings Lane raises $23 million in new financing: "SAN FRANCISCO — Online retailer One Kings Lane, which sells furnitu..."

This is the wave of the future, in real time. DF *****

Friday, February 18, 2011

Million Dollar Listing

My favorite 'hood; Estate section of Palm Beach, this is on El Brillo

A stunning Naples residence, Naples is known for its beautiful homes

This bedroom by Leta Austin Foster would sell any property!

Another charming Naples house, in Bermuda style...

This 19th c. beauty is not for sale, Staten Island, New York

A real charmer in Palm Beach, asking $3,995,000.00

I certainly do enjoy the television program "Million Dollar Listing" where three real estate agents in Los Angeles are shown going through their days, and the viewer gets to ogle them and their fabulous real estate listings. Inspired by the L.A. guys, today I'm posting some of my favorite real estate, including an interior by the uber talented Leta Austin Foster, which would make me want to buy the house or condo her room is in! What could be more exciting than purchasing and owning a home? How about building one from the ground up like our blogging friend Tina of The Enchanted Home? Her new house is going to be beautiful, I wonder who her designer is... Here are some of my favorite images! Enjoy! DF *****

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Caution: Made with Absinthe!

As I create this post, a follow up to yesterdays about the New Orleans cocktail known as a Sazerac (rhymes with Prozac) I am sipping my very first Sazerac! It is the kind of drink that creeps up on you and wraps itself around your pysche like a big russian sable coat! I admit, I did substitute one dash Angostura bitters in lieu of the usual 4 dashes Peychauds bitters. I used Jim Beam rye, and a french absinthe called Grande Absinthe Originale, from Provence. It is like a kind of anise, made with the botanical known as wormwood (no relation to tequila) it is a spirit, not a liqueur, and when you purchase it, you are warned to mix it with water, OR ELSE! (It is 138 proof) Absinthe has only recently been was popular in Belle Epoque France, and has been known to have mild hallucinogenic properties. It is very complex, and the Sazerac cocktail is exquisite as a courage inducing potion prior to say, a feast of roasted oysters...followed by chilled on the half shell...etc. I needed this cocktail tonight, as I'm celebrating becoming part of the esteemed company of designers such as Alexa Hampton, Tobi Fairley, Mariette Himes Gomez, Suzanne Kasler, Thomas O'Brien, and Todd Richesin on the Hickory Chair Blog! (google Hickory Chair)...Check out these vintage old fashioned glasses from the old Roosevelt Hotel in NOLA, now restored....Cheers! DF *****

Dean Farris Interior Design - Naples, FL

Dean Farris Interior Design - Naples, FL

Laura Holland, of Hickory Chair, was kind enough to post about my design business on the Hickory Chair site! Click on the above link to view it. Thanks Laura!

Classic Trellis Wallpaper

If you know about Elsie and the Colony club, Palm Beach, and classics of trad decor, then you know about treillage or trellis patterned walls and wall coverings. I like this paper from Chuck Fischer... available in many colorways, I like it for halls, breakfast rooms, and kitchens. My mother had her entire kitchen and breakfast room done in this, and it made a spectacular garden like setting that we enjoyed for years. Check out Schumacher and Brunschwig et Fils for more charming versions. Enjoy the day! DF *****

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cocktail du Jour: Sazerac

I look forward to finally tasting my very first Sazerac. A mixture of rye whiskey, bitters, simple syrup, and absinthe, with the essence of a lemon twist, served in a well chilled old fashioned glass. (google Sazerac for the exact recipe) I think I'm falling in love, being SEDUCED by this drink, and it will probably become my new Negroni, which I started drinking because some of the characters in Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City favored them... (DeDe Halcyon's husband). Absinthe has now been legalized! The Sazerac was made the official cocktail of New Orleans in 2008. Make one or two today and enjoy... DF *****

Nice Chandelier Moment

Dining Area, Fleck Residence
I've noticed a lot of chandelier earrings lately, reminding me of one of my favorite elements of classic decor, the chandelier. I am afraid I don't have time today to show every single chandelier that I love, so here is one I find interesting. My client/friend, found this in California, and it was from an old theater. He had someone in Pittsburgh add more crystal drops to it, et voila! It certainly adds a dose of glamour to the room, which is a living/dining/sunroom combined. We created the table by going to the local garden center and choosing a large urn, topped with a thick piece of glass. The chairs were existing, just re-upholstered. Recently, we ordered a new hickory wood floor for this room in a hand scraped finish, which is going to be installed next month, so stay tuned for the progress shots! DF *****

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Too Much Color!

Dean Farris Interior Design

Leta Austin Foster Associates

Webster and Company, Boston and Naples

Dean Farris Interior Design
(client was referred to me by the office of Albert Hadley)

Michael Taylor Designs

You know, I just couldn't take that much color every day. Working with clients and color all day as I do, it was a bit much to come home and see this wild explosion of salmon, yellow, and acid green - so I took it out and replaced my small white settee against the wall, pulled out from the wall about a foot or so. This definitely opens up the room. Compare mine to these by other leading designers... and enjoy the evening! DF *****

Levine Childrens Hospital

Michael with Coco

Levine Childrens Hospital, Charlotte, North Carolina

Today, I learned from my good friend and client, Mary, that her very handsome grandson, Michael, has cancer. Michael is the personification of a charming nine year old boy, and is being treated at Levine Childrens Hospital, in Charlotte. Here he is with his new puppy, called Coco. I pray for his rapid return to health, which we so often take for granted, especially when so young. Michael and I had a lot of fun tooling around in the Porsche when he was here in Naples visiting relatives not so long ago. Through Mary and Michael, I discovered the site - which provides a fantastic way for friends and family members to connect with each other during health challenges in their lives. I know that Michael will recover soon, and be back to normal in no time! Hang in there big guy! Hugs, DF *****

Monday, February 14, 2011

Room of the Week, San Francisco

Interior by Ann Getty Associates, San Francisco

Antique reproduction chair, Ann Getty Associates

Just as James Andrew (What Is James Wearing?) was inspired by Ann Getty, and her house in San Francisco which was decorated by Parish-Hadley many years ago, so I have been inspired by her own Ann Getty Associates commissions. When I worked with Tice Alexander, I learned a lot about Mrs. Getty, since he had worked directly on her Fifth Avenue apartments, and was often in Paris shopping for her. Lacquer screen panels were cut and used in boiserie, banquettes were ordered up in high Napoleon III style, and the drawing room was created such that the repeat on the silk stripe wall upholstery was totally evenly placed, even in the corners! A set of important chairs anchored that room, and they set a record for price at that time. I found this entry foyer on Mrs. Getty's site, and was inspired to publish it here, as my "room of the week". A famous banquette was used, a la Michael Taylor, as well as a favorite fern fabric favored by him and Elsie de Wolfe. I look forward to seeing more of Ann Getty's work. Happy Saint Valentines Day! DF *****

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Curb Appeal: A Charming Facade

I always enjoy looking at the Palm Beach Daily News (Shiny Sheet) real estate listings. Yesterday, I found this very charming house there, listed for 3.995 or so, and I was intrigued by the frontal treatment. It reminds me of my southern upbringing, as well as trips to France, Louisiana, and South Carolina. You can always tell when someone is really into their house just by looking at what they are presenting on the outside, from the street. Of course, if one can't even see the house from the street, that's a whole other story! Compare this one to the french style "lanterne" house, also located in Palm Beach. I have shown this one twice before, as it's one of my favorites. Enjoy! DF *****

Friday, February 11, 2011

Decorator Scrapbook VI

The Vermeil Room, WHITE HOUSE, by Edward Vason Jones

Beautiful entrance gates at Bonnet House, Fort Lauderdale

Friend and fellow designer, Cheryl Oldershaw at Miromar

Wonderful friends Mark and Kevin at Webster & Company
with an unidentified friend

Seen at Maison Auclair

My former bedroom at Bridgewater Bay

A favorite chair from Carlton Hobbs, New York

Part of a room I designed in Naples. Chairs - Milling Road,
Commode - Hickory Chair, lamp - Baker

Hello everyone, today is Saturday, 02-11-12 and here's version 6.0 of my decorator scrapbook feature. I randomly pull from my photo file called inspirations, and share the images with you!


Enjoy the weekend. DF *****

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Think Pink!

I enjoy seeing printed materials on french frames...

A subtle use of rose tones by Diane Burn (see yesterdays post)

Lovely "Bowood" chintz in a room by Leta Austin Foster Associates

Pink satin on bench in foyer by Dean Farris

Flowers by ZeZe, New York

I used a BF Gaston y Daniela "Guatemala" cretonne in this bedroom

I used Walfabs Piquant Rose and Paella Pistacio here

Work in progress

Billy found this lamp for that project at Maison Auclair Antiques

That's Billy reflected in mirror behind this Knole sofa...

Breakfast is served!

Scheme for a client in Connecticut I met through this blog!

Designer James Andrew at the Frick, New York

Pink hibiscus outside my bedroom windows, Naples

Saint Valentine's Day (Monday) always has me thinking about the luscious color pink. I love that Diana Vreeland said "Pink is the navy blue of India" and its a fun color to wear, as its very flattering to the complexion. Pink rooms are often associated with a young girl, however it needn't be so pigeon holed - remember seeing the apartment of the late Harrison Cultra with its oxford cloth pink walls and the off white slipcovered furniture? What a pretty room that was! Here, I share some pink images I am enjoying currently. THINK PINK! DF *****