Tuesday, June 9, 2020

SUMMER: Opulent Idyll

Dean Farris Interior Design (c) 2020

  Surprise! I couldn't resist one last post to start off the summer of 2020.  Years ago, when my late friend Albert Hadley would winter at his charming 1920s cottage here in Naples,  I was exposed to a way of life that few are aware of.  It's the life revolving around a grande passion and enormous  talent and a flair for living not often seen.

  The small cottages of old Naples exude a rarified charm which not many people get to experience up close.  This morning I explored one of them not far from where Alberts was and I serendipitously picked up this beautiful seashell on the beach.  The seashell that you see on my table here in the picture above reminded me of when Alberts friend the talented Mark Sciarillo would find a coconut and bring it into the cottage and place it on a table like a piece of sculpture.  Like almost everything Albert did, it was a profound visual experience bordering on the spiritual.  On that note, enjoy your summer and let it nurture your soul.  DF

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

EMILIO: Niarchos

Emilio Terry for Stavros Niarchos, Paris

  The strict classical simplicity of this entrance gallery is an inspiration to me.  When I studied and lived in New York, My dear friend the late Tice Alexander was always talking about Emilio Terry and he also wrote an article about him for connoisseur magazine.

  If you follow this site then you probably know I usually take the summer off.  See you in September! Vaya con Dios...!

Vaya con Dios tulips

Monday, June 1, 2020

JUNE: Sailing Away

via my phone ...

  My beautiful family is visiting for the weekend and we're going sailing -we're just going to sail away from everything.  Escape!  Yes!  We may visit a small island called Keewaydin - once owned by Lu Drackett, the mother of my friend Spencer Ott.  Yesterday another old friend of ours, Sam Booth esq
sent us this fun early 70's pic of me and Dad- the best Dad ever!  DF