Saturday, November 17, 2012

Patience and Progress, Naples

Having worked on this residence for over six months now, we're finally getting to install some of the new furniture, and the backgrounds have nearly been completed, as well as the new draperies, and lighting.  I must say, Chachie and Tomas outdid themselves on these new satin pillows we ordered!

Albany sofa by Kreiss, pillow satin by Kravet

That beautiful new carpet, shown above, is through Interiors by Design West, and the colours are silvers, greys, browns, and taupes- which we carried through in the scheme.  Our decorative painter, Leland Brinkman, is shown below, applying a wet coat of plaster and then dragging it with a broom- creating a deep texture.  After the plaster dries, he'll then glaze over it with a special mixture containing shiny glass beads!  It gives a wonderful look when completed.

We also commissioned Leland to add new custom glazed finishes to the Foyer ceiling, and the Dining Room niches and ceiling-shown below- in soft tones of pearl, champagne, and silvery grey. Shown below.

While we're re-designing the entire house, I chose to focus on these rooms today, and below you can see where we have to wait for our new tables- we ordered a pair to sit side by side, from a company called Global Views, which will reinforce the two pairs of chairs that flank the sofa-
Looking forward to showing the completed project!  Enjoy!  DF *****

Pair chairs by Swaim, design by Design West, Inc.
Designers, Glenn Midnet and Dean Farris

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bruno Lafourcade - Provence

I was most charmed and intrigued by this room, in a restored building, in the south of France.  Bruno Lafourcade restored the building and converted it into a livable home away from home for Atlanta residents, Ginny and Craig Magher. 
Based in Saint-Remy de Provence, Mr. Lafourcade and his son, Alexandre' have created an exciting niche business, and only accept about 15 commissions per year.  Jean Rafferty wrote a great piece on them in the NYT in 2006...
Joni Webb, of Cote de Texas, recently focused on the talent of Ginny Magher, who is a decorator in Atlanta.  This room shows what I love- the synthesis between classic architecture and finer interior design and decoration.  ENJOY!  DF ******

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Room of the Week: LeGare Street

The word is out- Charleston is HOT! Of course, we in the South have always known this, and are most proud of this elegant old grande dame...Apparently, Ms. Carolyne Roehm, the famous NY socialite-designer has now bought a place in Charleston.  The area known as SOB, or South of Broad, incorporating the famous Battery has become an ultra chic place to have a pied a terre, and you can even buy one from a descendant of one of the oldest families in town, Mr. Daniel Ravenel... known as The Sword Gate House, 32 Legare was built in the early 19th century for a Huguenot colonist. 

32 LeGare Street, Charleston
 I was checking out Charleston real estate listings, since my clients have their place there on the market (people flying in from all over the world to view it in person)  and found this elegant and stunning room located in a significant property located in their neighborhood at 32 LeGare Street...asking $23,000,000.00 -!  I still remember not too long ago, shopping with my client in the Gucci shop on King Street, and there was this absolutely gorgeous woman shopping there with her teen aged son...and she was dripping in Hermes' and was sporting a diamond ring that must have been a good twenty carats...

Beautiful Carolyne Roehm, NYT
 Which reminds me of a very charming story I read on the NYSD, attributed to Peter Evans;
"Christina Onassis once told me that she wore diamonds at breakfast, because (they look so pretty in the morning sun, you have no idea how erotic men find dew on the rocks) she smiled mischievously!  I just love that !  Very imaginative.  Interesting note- CR's New York drawing room has brown velvet walls, and so does this Charleston salon, and gauffraged to boot! 

Book by Carolyne Roehm
O.k., so I know I drop a LOT of names in this little old blog, but you know what, it's my blog, and if you don't like it you don't have to read it! LOL!  Here's a great book CR came out with, I highly suggest it as a fabulous decoration for one's own low table...ENJOY!  DF ***** 
PS: we were very saddened to hear of all the loss of human life under the fury of the storm called Sandy...