Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Musee' Nissim de Camondo

Musee' Nissim de Camondo, PARIS

The superb quality of everything in this salon inspires me with the authenticity of the 18th century~Monsieur de Camondo was a collector with a fabulous eye!  Fortunately his home was saved from pillaging by the Nazis, since it had already been formally declared as a decorative arts museum by the French government.

Le Salon Bleu, Musee' Nissim de Camondo
What really appeals to me is the way these colour palettes are not coordinated! In the sense of how modern decoration is so often created with a paint by numbers approach...And of course the excellent quality of everything contained within is so extraordinary~did you know that in France, there are laws protecting companies such as Chanel, and that if you were caught buying a counterfeit hand bag you could be fined 300,000 euros or go to jail for years?  I just learned this from reading my latest copy of "Hue" the magazine of FIT, which I attended in the early 1980's...Vive La France !  Enjoy!  
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