Friday, April 6, 2018


Elizabeth Taylor with Elizabeth Duquette painting, The Sandpiper

I've always enjoyed this Vincente Minnelli film, from 1965, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.  I totally relate to the character Ms. Taylor played- a rebel on the beach with a paint brush- living there in a shack with her young son... and, interestingly, the painting she is shown with (above) is by the beautiful wife of the late Tony Duquette, Elizabeth "Beegle" Duquette.

Elizabeth Duquette
Here, you can see what an elegant woman Mrs. Duquette was- and so talented, just like her wildly creative husband.  They were at the pinnacle of Southern California society- and he was discovered by the iconic and famous decorator, Elsie de Wolfe, who lived in Beverly Hills in the winter...
I read with interest that the Duquettes loved to serve Mexican food at their fabulous dinner parties.  Imagine the fun they must have had!

Elizabeth Duquette
 Just look at this amazing painting by Elizabeth Duquette- a tour de force of mystical and mysterious magic- allegorical, and totally fabulous... I so admire her and her work, just as I admire my dear friend, Judith Auclair, and her amazing work with shelled objects- known as coquillage- their talent knows no limits, then and now.

Mirror, Judith Auclair, Maison Auclair

Judith Auclair is also an elegant, talented woman- and a wonderful friend of many years.  Her taste level is through the roof- and she loves, like I do, to fantasize about schemes and decorative palettes, fabrics, furniture, gardens and architecture-  and for many years she has sold her shelled creations here by the seashore- and has her work included in prominent homes including the Jeffery Smith designed house here with interiors by David Anthony Easton of New York.  She is a dynamo, and, like Francis Elkins, prefers to be near the sea, the coast- and always surrounded by great beauty.

Vanderbilt Beach, Naples, Florida
This past Easter Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending a casual but fun dinner on the beach- adjacent to the Ritz-Carlton- and took this snap shot, as the sun was setting.  While the sun was sinking into the horizon ever so slowly- our friend Norbert sang a most beautiful aria, in Italian of course- which was very beautiful and very soul enriching.  And I thought of dear Judith, Elizabeth, Beegle, and the beauty of our world.  DF *****