Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Glory of Gauffrage

Beautiful Dede Wilsey, Haute Living

I've always loved silk velvet, especially when it's been stamped with a damask design (gauffraged) - Temo Callahan, formerly of the old Clarence House, exposed me to the glories of this look, when I lived and worked in the fast paced decorating world of 1980's New York.  Of course, I would also see this material when I would go to Paris- on chairs, sofas, and elegant and so aristocratic.  I saw this image on the site called Haute Living, and couldn't resist writing a little old post about it.  Mrs.Wilsey is a major fundraiser in San Francisco, and has also been a client of the late Michael Taylor.  Enjoy!  Cheers!  DF *****

Monday, May 26, 2014

Ann All American Beauty

Ann Getty by Keith Morrison, courtesy ANN GETTY INTERIOR STYLE 

Ann Getty in Oscar de la Renta

Ann Getty in Morocco 

Ann Getty, (in Valentino Couture) ANN GETTY INTERIOR STYLE, by Diane Dorrans Saeks

Ann Getty in San Francisco

Ann Getty, 1979, by Slim Aarons


Ann Getty, in San Francisco
Ever since the mid 1980's, when I was fortunate to work with my old school friend, Tice Alexander- I began my journey involving hearing about Ann Gilbert Getty, and seeing images of her beautiful apartment on Fifth Avenue, in New York.  Tice worked with Sister Parish, Mrs. Getty, and Albert Hadley on the New York apartments, and traveled frequently to Paris to shop for the job.  I heard the most fabulous stories of how the details were worked out, and was shown photographs as well.  One thing I vividly remember was that the drawing room was created with entirely new (interior) walls- so that the silk stripe wall upholstery would then "lay out" perfectly evenly- including the corners...!  As well, a set of four "important" chairs were procured, costing in excess of a million dollars.  At the time, Mr. Getty was the richest man in America, having sold Getty Oil to Texaco for about ten billion US dollars.
For all these years, Ann Getty has inspired me, and now, I have the wonderful book on her design work, called ANN GETTY INTERIOR STYLE, which is something I often go to for further inspiration and pleasure.  So, should you find yourself at loose ends this weekend, do pick up a copy, and enjoy the visual feast.  Some of the images were previously seen in the "Architectural Digest" spread on the Getty residence.
I love that in the ballroom, disco and house music is often heard...and that children and dogs are always around.  It's the all American dream come true, for an all American girl!  Inspiring.  Beautiful.  Enjoy!  DF ***** You may also order here 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

MDW Musings

"Let them eat cake!"

Spring into Summer!

Avenue 5, Naples

Avenue 5, Naples
Fun, fun, fun!  Weekend!  In search of simple pleasures...enjoy the long weekend, wherever you are- Cheers!  DF *****

Andrew Martin, London and Naples
Pepsi, or Coca Cola ? :)
(I had a sublime not too dry French Rose' at Avenue 5)  Had diet coke with lunch today, at NY Pizza! :)

My new shirt and shorts, Banana Republic

Isn't mother nature just so amazing?  XXOO DF

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chicago Showroom Move

Chicago Showroom Move

Michael Taylor Designs

Michael Taylor
"Michael Taylor made decorating history. Whatever he did or didn't do made news. He changed the way we live. Opened it all up. Aired it out. Declined reverence. Scorned pretense. He gave himself to design with intensity and passion."
Paige Rense, Former Editor-in- Chief
Architectural Digest

Decorator Scrapbook

The World of Interiors

Markham Roberts

Markham's grandparent's house in Naples

Jansen, at James Sansum, NY

Inspiring images...enjoy!  DF ***** Memorial Day!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Book: Manhattan Classic, Dean's Roses

Manhattan Classic, Geoffrey Lynch, Princeton Architectural Press

We're always thrilled to receive a review copy of a new design publication, and so, dear readers, here is the latest out on the very distinguished and highly desirable real estate, known as Manhattan Prewar Apartments....whether a classic six on Park or a classic eight on West End, these flats aim to please!  The book does a fabulous job of exposing an insider's view of Manhattan residential dwellings.  Kudos to Mr. Lynch and his editorial team!

Floral creation by DFID

And, while we're on the topic of reading, lest I digress- I was reading the design blog of my California friend, Peggy Braswell (According to Braswell)  and saw a most attractive floral she had written about...which inspired my very own creation, shown above- which incorporates fresh ivory-peach roses, shiny green begonia leaves, and the tips of green palm fronds...what do you think?  See Peggy's post here

'Tumblr, via According to Braswell

At first, you see, dear readers, I was so happy to just have the roses- but then when I saw what Peggy had posted about this morning, I just had to change it up a bit...James T. Farmer and Martha would be so proud!  Perhaps I had what is known as a Martha Moment !!!  Or was it a Peggy Posy? :)

Dean's bouquet shown with Ralph Lauren accessories

Don't you agree, these peachy roses look sensational with the waxed begonia leaves?  The roses have a lovely, subtle fragrance too.  I had a lovely morning arranging this petite bouquet, which I created especially for my desk at work.  I also was inspired by Bronson Van Wyck on the Tory Burch blog...which is another favorite read of mine - check it out!  Cheers!  DF *****

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Shutters or Walls?

From Things That Inspire

We were most amused today, when perusing the Atlanta based blog, Things That Inspire, click here ,to see our choice of Brandon Beige by Benjamin Moore, used for exterior shutters- when "we" had only recently selected the same colour for our interior walls!

Brandon Beige satin walls, DFID
As y'all may recall- :) we had originally chosen (selected) a very rich, custom, aubergine lacquer finish for our walls- however, due to a lower than desired ceiling, and the constraints of a budget, we went with a more conservative choice; Brandon a tasteful satin finish.

No. 6, Saint Michael's Alley, Charleston, SC
This also reminded me of one of our pet projects in Charleston- with the "Sevres" green shutters and door- so adroitly chosen by our discerning, very well traveled clients.  We used many hundreds of yards of Scalamandre' silks and trims in this house, and one day, the Bitters (founders of Scalamandre') came by and wanted to rent the house!  I am so partial to this very French shade of turquoise....

The Pink Door, Greensboro, NC
Now, the last time I was in Greensboro, the walls of this section of The Pink Door Interiors were painted in a very similar shade of green...perhaps this image is just distorted in colour due to the photography?  It is fun to see how colours on the outside can also be seen on the inside.

Tom Britt, NYSD
We also adore the relationship between fashion and interiors- here, NY decorator (and a mentor of mine) Thomas Burgin Britt used a blue satin on his Billy Baldwin slipper chairs, one of my and our all time fave models.  How fabulous!  James Andrew, another dear friend, and former Hadley protege' is WEARING blue satin (below) !!!
Scott McBee, James Andrew, Bennett Weinstock, Jamie Drake, NYSD

If you follow design blogs, you may know that dear James has a fantastic one, What Is James Wearing, to view, click here .  James Andrew is most often seen in Tom Ford era Gucci...we love this highly decorative group shot of super powerful NY decorators!  Check out today's post on NYSD (New York Social Diary) for more.

From Michael Taylor Interior Design
Above, the 1973 room, which was in San Francisco, created by our fave decorator of the past, Michael Taylor.  Pink and green...who (whom?) does that bring to mind?  hmmm.... LILLY PULITZER !!!

The late, great, Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau 
So, I guess we all just know- these colour palettes have an endless, wonderful, inspiring way of being seen in dual relationships.  Very intriguing!  Food for thought, no doubt.  Enjoy!  Cheers!  DF ***** 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blue is for Bunny

Manhattan dining room of the late Bunny Mellon  

I was just reading about Bunny Mellon, the late socialite-philanthropist, on the Mark Sikes design blog- and this beautiful blue glazed room caught my attention.  (attributed to John Fowler)  I once had my bedroom glazed in a very similar cross hatch, in a dark brown, and it was sensational.  I hope that this image will inspire you- as it has me!  Enjoy!  Cheers!  DF *****

Monday, May 12, 2014

Pushing It Around


Dear readers, I'm forever rearranging my furniture, even though I always say I won't- I've been doing it since I was about twelve years old... this green velvet and cerulean blue combination is very Emilio Terry.  Read more about Emilio Terry here .


The pair of Louis XV style chairs were against the wall, across from the sofa-  I like this slightly asymmetric flanking of my chesterfield with a pair of chairs... although we keep thinking we want something in a fabric on the chairs-

Perhaps Les Touches, Brunschwig as used by Mark Sikes  


This is a rental, with low ceilings, and I must work around them and the ceiling fan, as well as the beige plush carpet- so my modus operandi has been to just "decorate"  for now...


Also, this morning, I decided to hang another picture above the collage over by the sliding glass did help to visually raise the eye, which is terrific, since my ceiling height here is - 7'-10"  !!!! And there is no "crown" molding either- we keep discussing changing the mirror to a flat white finish or changing it entirely.

As seen on first dibs (SOLD) 



I like this shot- the grainy look reminds me of old Horst photographs in the House and Garden of the 1970's, which was always probably my favorite magazine, besides the old Paige Rense Architectural myself- and personally, I do like this jumbled look, since the architecture is just a plain shoe box...I do hope you've enjoyed this very personal glimpse into my private quarters!  Cheers!  DF *****

PS, Last night, on Turner Classic Movies, I caught William Haines in the 1928 silent film, "The Smart Set" -
he was very amusing- and became a very prominent designer after leaving the world of film... 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

More May 2014 Inspirations!

Ralph Lauren Home at MP Interiors
Carleton Varney fabrics, MP Interiors
RM Coco at MPI
RM Coco at MPI
Picnic at Versailles, Miromar Design Center
West Indies Home, Naples
Bleu Provence, Naples
Bleu Provence, Naples

Enjoy! DF *****