Saturday, May 17, 2014

Book: Manhattan Classic, Dean's Roses

Manhattan Classic, Geoffrey Lynch, Princeton Architectural Press

We're always thrilled to receive a review copy of a new design publication, and so, dear readers, here is the latest out on the very distinguished and highly desirable real estate, known as Manhattan Prewar Apartments....whether a classic six on Park or a classic eight on West End, these flats aim to please!  The book does a fabulous job of exposing an insider's view of Manhattan residential dwellings.  Kudos to Mr. Lynch and his editorial team!

Floral creation by DFID

And, while we're on the topic of reading, lest I digress- I was reading the design blog of my California friend, Peggy Braswell (According to Braswell)  and saw a most attractive floral she had written about...which inspired my very own creation, shown above- which incorporates fresh ivory-peach roses, shiny green begonia leaves, and the tips of green palm fronds...what do you think?  See Peggy's post here

'Tumblr, via According to Braswell

At first, you see, dear readers, I was so happy to just have the roses- but then when I saw what Peggy had posted about this morning, I just had to change it up a bit...James T. Farmer and Martha would be so proud!  Perhaps I had what is known as a Martha Moment !!!  Or was it a Peggy Posy? :)

Dean's bouquet shown with Ralph Lauren accessories

Don't you agree, these peachy roses look sensational with the waxed begonia leaves?  The roses have a lovely, subtle fragrance too.  I had a lovely morning arranging this petite bouquet, which I created especially for my desk at work.  I also was inspired by Bronson Van Wyck on the Tory Burch blog...which is another favorite read of mine - check it out!  Cheers!  DF *****