Tuesday, April 28, 2015

That Vintage Look

Dean Farris Interior Design

I was inspired last night, to make a slight change in my Naples living room~(flanked the sofa with these vintage Louis style chairs) ~and then got this fun, very 1930's looking image from shooting in the dark, with only two light sources~one in the bedroom and one in the hall behind me.  One would never know this was taken in 2015, not 1935 !  Notice Elsie the cow gazing out from the bedroom!   DF*****

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Casa Real III, Renovations !

Todd Richesin, Casa Real
As the personal home of Bobby Brown and Todd Richesin, Casa Real was created as a backdrop for a growing collection of 18th and 19th century European and American antiques. The concept of a French house to hold them has been executed down to the smallest detail, both inside and throughout the gardens.

Todd Richesin, Casa Real
Finally, DFS couldn't resist sharing a few more images from the super elegant Knoxville home of interior designer 
Todd Richesin, and his partner, Robert "Bobby" Brown~

Todd Richesin, Casa Real
Should you take the time to peruse the TR Interiors site, you can read on the blog section, called "On The Fringe" about the extensive renovations and remodeling Casa Real has undergone recently~such as this masculine Ralph Lauren inspired Master bath remodel! (shown above)

Todd Richesin, Casa Real
I certainly hope that you've enjoyed this three part series on the work of some of my favorite Southern designers~and do stay tuned for more exciting news from the world of interior design!  DF *****
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all photographs via Todd Richesin

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Casa Real II, Todd Richesin

Todd Richesin and Robert Brown
You may recognize this image, since I had posted about fabulous Todd and Bobby previously~a designing duo from Knoxville, TN, I can't get enough of their exuberant and elegant Southern Style!

Todd Richesin in his Studio
While I don't yet personally know him, Todd and I have briefly chatted on Facebook, and our paths have (almost) crossed, at the Duck and Dolphin Antiques, in Key West, FL~where Todd has done work for clients...(see Traditional Home)...
I found this very interesting bit of bio on Todd on his site~
Todd grew up in Sweetwater, Tennessee. The arts and significance of home were important to his parents and still are. With their encouragement, Todd began painting and playing the violin at an early age. His first “project” happened by accident. On a trip with his parents to see their interior designer when Todd was seven years old, he found an Oriental rug in the designer’s showroom. After much insistence, he persuaded his parents and the designer to come see it, and it was deemed perfect for their library. The rug is still in his parents’ library today and has survived the re-decoration of that room three times.
Precocious? Yes, and I was the exact same way with my parents, and their interior designers!  But not at age 7 !

Todd Richesin, Casa Real
The foyer, shown above, reminds me of one in Charlotte, NC, that I'd seen when I was very young, and it made such a strong impression on me with it's magnificent sense of scale. It was the home of James Essary and Bill Ross.

Todd Richesin, Casa Real
The house of Todd and Bobby, known as Casa Real, has recently gone through some major renovations, including new windows, read all about it on their blog called "On The Fringe"... 
Todd Richesin, Casa Real
Todd Richesin, Casa Real
Todd Richesin, Casa Real
Todd Richesin, Casa Real
There's a great love of European style elegance evident in Todd's work, and yet his repertoire is quite varied.  Here are some of the bedrooms at Casa Real, so inviting!

Todd Richesin, Casa Real
Todd Richesin, Casa Real
Todd Richesin, Casa Real
Todd Richesin, Casa Real
Love the look of a flat screen above a classic commode! Notice the stunning collections displayed throughout Casa Real...and here's the charming and inviting breakfast room~

Todd Richesin, Casa Real
You can see the rest of the kitchen on yesterday's post...

Casa Real
I saved the best for last...
Casa Real
Everybody into the pool!  Doesn't this look so beautiful and inviting?  The garden and grounds at Casa Real are just as elegant as the interiors~ one can see all the love and hard work that's been poured into this project over the years. Kudos to Todd and Bobby on the creation of a masterpiece of Southern Elegance! Enjoy!  DF *****
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Friday, April 24, 2015

Casa Real, A Designer's Own Home

Casa Real, The Knoxville, TN residence of designers Todd Richesin and Bobby Brown
I'd been following the work of this talented duo, Todd Richesin, and Bobby Brown, for years, and finally we connected in the virtual way, via Facebook!   

Their beautiful, European inspired home (shown above) is an inspiration and a true labor of love for young collectors who enjoy entertaining...

via the Todd Richesin site, courtesy Todd Richesin

Foyer, Casa Real, Todd Richesin Int

Casa Real, Todd Richesin Int

Casa Real, Todd Richesin Int

Casa Real, Todd Richesin Int

Casa Real, Todd Richesin Int

You can see why I'm such a fan of Todd and Bobby's beautiful home!  I'm partial to the overall feeling of European elegance and inspiration.  Much of Casa Real, in all of it's refined detail, reminds me somewhat of the late Country French decorator, Charles Faudree.  There's a great feeling of love and attention to detail, and one can see that their house is a home.  Read more about Todd here  Enjoy!  DF *****

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Room With A View, Provence

The view from Marine's Room
Of course, I was delighted to receive this picture today, from my associate, Marine Linard~who is visiting her parents in the south of France...

Dauphine, Charles Faudree for Stroheim and Romann
Yesterday, I had read on The Peak Of Chic, a very interesting piece about the historic toile, called Pommes de Pins, and then I discovered this similar pattern in our wings, called Dauphine, by the late Tulsa decorator, Charles Faudree. Serendipity! Available to the trade through MP Interiors, click here to see all the lines...DF*****

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Ravishing Print

Cinqueterra Botanical
Old World Weavers has this stunning printed cretonne, Cinqueterra Botanical, which I fell in love with today...
To the trade through MP Interiors... 239-498-9074
DF *****
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Monday, April 20, 2015

A Designer's Life

great new book !
I just picked up a copy of this fascinating new book, by Nicky Haslam~it contains some of my favorite iconic images, including those related to Oliver Messel and John Fowler...plus Sir Cecil Beaton.  Nicky worked for Diana Vreeland, and currently there is a show of photographs in Palm Beach, by her grandson Nicholas, who has been a Tibetan monk for the last 30 years...I was struck by the similarity between Nicky's new flat in London, and the stunning piano nobile salon I had been exposed to, in Bath, when I was introduced to Lord Fry, and experienced the elegance of his Royal Crescent townhouse...and how fortunate is Nicky, to call the Hunting Lodge his country place?  This book is worth buying, for many reasons, but if only for the images that would be reason enough!  A fascinating look at one man's journey into the endless world of interiors...one man who has counted none other than Minn Hogg as a friend! (The World of Interiors)  Enjoy!  DF *****
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"for nearly fifty years my lifeblood has been houses, buildings, rooms, gardens; what and who they contain; where and why people go into them, and how and when they are used; whether they are uplifting, surprising, calming, newly built or a ruin, modern or classic, charming muddles or staggering statements of style or power, or whispered, exemplary refinement."  NH

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Pleasures of Home

Don't get me wrong~ I enjoy going out just as much as anyone, but often, after a long day, I truly relish my apres' work cocktail, while enjoying the soft ambiance of my flat in the Moorings section of Naples...so many of my furnishings hold fond associations, such as the small Michael Aram box shown at the bottom of the above image, which was recently given to me by artist friend, Mally Khorasantchi...how I would love to fill it with Marlboro's, or Gitanes, but alas, the doctor says no more smoking for me!  So, sometimes I will  burn incense just to have some smoke around me, since supposedly smoke follows beauty!
That little box, which I'm crazy for, is topped with silver coral, which reminds me of the beach, not far away~and it sits on a purple faux alligator tray, which sits on the small Parsons table I was given by the late Dean of American Decorating, Mr. Albert Hadley.  He also gave me the Louis XV chair shown above (he allowed me to buy it out of his Naples cottage guest house) and as you know, it's one of my favorite things.

Above, I've created a very Van Day Truex inspired grouping, using things I had and some newer things sourced locally from Chesterdale's Antiques Market...including the pair tole planters from Box Woods, and the pair engravings from Maison Auclair.  The simple glass hurricane was given to me by an old friend who once worked at Sean Johnson Atelier (Naples) and I've enjoyed owning it for many years~Yes, I have considered changing the silk plaid table skirt, possibly to the "Les Touches" pattern in blue, which I had posted about recently...however, you will probably agree, with that bold ikat rug, I probably don't need another ikat looking pattern?  Only time will tell!  Stay tuned!  Enjoy!  
DF *****

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Modern Muse: Patricia Dey Altschul

Beautiful Patricia Altschul
Not unlike Lady Gaga, I've become delightfully obsessed with the fabulous Mario Buatta client, Patricia Altschul.  I think the picture of her above, pretty much sums up why I am so inspired by her~and I first saw it in my Buattapedia on one of MB's bulletin boards...and thought it was Candy Hamm! (I also have worshiped at the altar of Candy, after learning about her from my Stephen Salny book, Michael Taylor Interior Design...(see earlier posts on DFS)

With Mario Buatta
In Charleston
In New York
On Southern Charm, Bravo
With son, Whitney
Charleston with Cooper Ray
Nobody can work a pair of shades like Patricia!
In her boudoir, (BRAVO)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

That Collected Look We Love

Kate Rheinstein Brodsky, Elle Decor, via Mark D. Sikes blog

I was excited to see this new Elle Decor feature, while perusing Mark D. Sikes~this totally stunning room, belonging to the daughter of famous Suzanne Rheinstein, has many, many elements that I'm very, very partial to...the chairs, the fabrics, the lacquered ceiling, the Kent table, the sisal carpet, (or is it wool?) and the chartreuse festoon shade...very smart, up to date, and yet oh so trad! Thanks Mark!  Love!  DF *****

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"A collected look in a room gives the feeling of it having evolved over a long period of time, which in turn, gives the people in it a great sense of permanence and comfort..."

Your quote for the day, by Dean Farris !

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lemon Yellow Inspiration, Schumacher

MP Interiors, located in the Miromar Design Center, represents F. Schumacher, and here is one inspiring image for Spring 2015 ! Enjoy! Tel 239-498-9074  
10800 Corkscrew Road, Estero FL
Suite 348  www.mp-interiors.net 

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Tommy Tune at The Royal Room

Colony Hotel Pool View From Polo Lounge
This weekend, Billy and I visited Palm Beach, as we had tickets to see Tommy Tune perform at The Royal Room...I had a pre-theater manhattan while contemplating this excellent view of the Colony pool...
Colony Hotel, recently redecorated by Carleton Varney
 It was my first time back, since the re-decoration by our friends, Carleton Varney and Brinsley Matthews...so I was excited to see the new decor for myself, which I liked very much...

The famous Royal Room, where Rob Russell presides

Bill Rain, Tommy Tune, Dean Farris
Our new friend, Mr. Peter Glebo, was kind enough to take this quick snap for our 15 seconds of fame! :) He also very kindly gifted William with an original, signed work of art by famous Tommy! (a belated birthday gift)...

Billy with his new Tommy Tune art
 Needless to say, we had a wonderful evening, and saw some wildly attractive people.  There were even some very well behaved children in the audience!  Afterwards, we took a short walk along fabulous Worth Avenue, then headed back to Fort Lauderdale for the remainder of the weekend.  Fun!  DF *****
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