Sunday, March 31, 2019

CHIC: Stephen Andrew Jones

Stephen Andrew Jones, Hilton Head, SC 

While I don't know Mr. Stephen Andrew Jones, I just happened to discover him while looking through some other designer blogs- And this arrangement he created in his Hilton head home struck me as being outrageously creative and very beautiful-  He is extremely creative and imaginative and he is also a real estate professional on Hilton head should you be looking to acquire property there -

One of my best clients in Naples owned many properties on Hilton head and loved it for many years before coming to Naples- One of the more interesting properties that my client owned on Hilton head was a house which included a very beautiful French chandelier from New Orleans in the entrance hall- And as you know I'm very partial to an opulent elegant recherché look in interiors especially within an exotic island environment such as the barrier islands off of South Carolina- My Charleston clients once rented a beach house at Folly Beach east of Charleston and I remember how much fun we had there and the beauty of the dunes and the beach- Martin was a bodybuilder and very into his work out and he would strut around the house wearing absolutely nothing and we thought nothing of it- He's a magnificent man and we had a lot of fun together over the years including the trip to Paris and he has also visited me down here in Florida-

I especially like the way Stephen arranged his flowers using locally harvested materials mixed with roses and other flowers to create a very elegant and special look- Perfect for my post to kick off the month of April- ! DF

PS. It was such fun to run into Vivian, Martin and Bing tonight at Vergina on 5th Ave., South- the hostess Valentina is a fabulous looking chic lady and I always love seeing her plus Vivian is the epitome of Italian/Cuban chic and style. DF

Saturday, March 30, 2019

HADLEY: A Touch of Gilt

Dean Farris Interior Design

As  mentioned before this is one of my favorite chairs and I love this close-up showing the gilt frames with the touch of  gilt on the painted surface of this Louis XV style open arm chair from my old friend Albert Hadley- plus pillow from dear Judith Auclair, and art by fabulous Emily James- In case you were wondering, I deliberately hung these pictures lower, so that the back of the chair would overlap them continuing with my layered look-  DF

Friday, March 29, 2019

COLOR: Gorgeous Green

Green green green I've always liked green especially the green beautiful palm leaves and the greens from nature-  Here's a random assortment of greens that I liked from my photo file enjoy!  DF

Thursday, March 28, 2019

LAYERED: Elegant Comfort

Dean Farris Interior Design (c) 2019

I've always been partial to a layered look in rooms, especially a living room library or sitting room- And here in my own apartment I've chosen to layer many different elements which create a warm and inviting feeling of permanence- It's such a pleasure to come home to this room and to enjoy the peaceful and eclectic atmosphere- Perfect for a glass of wine and a moment of reflection- DF

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

FRESH: Flowers II

Dean Farris Interior Design

Here, you can see how the natural light combined with the use of fresh cherry blossom branches is completely transforming my space into an ethereal Swedish manor house/cottage-  Something about fresh flowers especially branches is extremely glamorous and so enriching- And I deliberately softened my window treatments a la Ann Getty, and after the boutique hotel in Paris I stayed in with Billy many years ago-  I was able to get this interesting shot by shooting into the mirror and I think it came out quite well-  As well, I created this small but charming arrangement using a few of the cerise carnations and some fresh palm-  Fresh!  DF

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

STYLE: Rolls Royce

Dean Farris Interior Design

One of the things I love about living in Naples Florida is seeing all the magnificent automobiles Ferrari Bentley Tesla Rolls-Royce Porsche Maserati Lamborghini etc.  Saw this one yesterday while out on the town and could not resist posting it- And check out this fabulous older model which I'm also crazy for!  DF

Sunday, March 24, 2019

FRESH: Flowers

Dean Farris Interior Design

I picked up these fresh flowers as I was having a good friend over to celebrate his birthday and then we went out for dinner to true food kitchen which is a great place here in Naples- The roasted brussels sprouts and the ancient grains bowl is highly recommended-!  Try to get John as your server- he's  excellent and very informative-  He also brought me a fabulous Sauvignon Blanc with notes of Pear and honey!  Yum!  Steve, always the gentleman, brought me these incredible cherry blossom branches which I'm crazy for-  They read like sculpture in my small room and remind me of the glamour of the Fifth Avenue apartments in Manhattan that I worked on when I lived there in the 1980s à la bonfire of the vanities-  DF

RECHERCHÉ : Paris in Naples

Dean Farris Interior Design (designers own residence)

As I said before the natural light is making this new apartment really come alive with joy and esprit- And many of these furnishings were given to me by friends or are things that I've collected over the years-

One of my original inspirations was the film Barry Lyndon and the sets with their 18th century ethereal style and fabrics used in a very painterly way-  I think of it as a playhouse as well as a penthouse -it could be in Manhattan Paris Nantucket Palm Beach or Beverly Hills-

When I add fresh flowers to this room it really comes alive even more as you may have noticed in my previous post where I showed longstem white carnations A la auntie Mame and Christian Dior-  DF

Saturday, March 23, 2019

TOPIARY: Faux and Fabulous

Dean Farris Interior Design

So, as you can see I'm really enjoying my new apartment and I wanted to mention these topiaries that I had purchased quite a few years ago that have really given me a lot of pleasure- Especially since they are artificial which is not something I would normally choose, However they work as sculptural elements whether I use them inside or outside and I never have to water them or maintain them!

Inspired by the New York designer Howard Slatkin, I plan to add more topiaries to my apartment in different sizes both the real and not real because I love their decorative charm and quality-

As I mentioned yesterday I'm totally in love with my new curtains which I pulled back -very French -and using the small chairs as the holdbacks which gives a delightful temporary feeling of charm -very recherché !  DF

Friday, March 22, 2019

CURTAINS: Recherché

Dean Farris Interior Design

Recherche' means luxurious elegance, and that is what I wanted for my new curtains in my new apartment here in Florida- And when Billy and I stayed in a small boutique hotel in the Marais I saw curtains done like this and loved it-  DF

Thursday, March 21, 2019

SPRING: Outdoor Living

Yesterday was the first day of spring and I couldn't be happier- While I live in the land of endless Summer it's always nice to have the possibility of streets with less congestion and more free time to simply enjoy life and smell the roses.  DF

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Dean Farris Interior Design

I bought this chair many years ago from the estate of Holland Salley, who was one of the first designers to come to Naples in the early 1950s-  I enjoy the way an abundance of chairs and seating invites lots of friends and party guests to have a seat and stay a while, enjoy a drink or two, and lots of scintillating conversation-  I've thought about recovering it in a fabric as opposed to the leather that came with it ,but for now I shall leave it as it is- (I have no less than 11 chairs and two sofas in my small sitting room)
In a bizarre  coincidence I am now working with Deborah Hamilton, who used to be a vice president at Holland Salley!  Deborah is a very charming, attractive and intelligent woman and I greatly enjoy seeing her on a day-to-day basis at the Miromar Design center-
My friends and family are always teasing me about having too many chairs in my apartment however I'm compensating for not having 14 foot high ceilings and boiserie! These chairs remind me of old friends and the parties that I've had- and the pleasure I've gotten from entertaining my dear friends and family.  One can never have enough chairs and to paraphrase the late English decorator John Fowler, every room needs "a kick of French" !  DF

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

INTERIOR: Fantasies

One of my original sketches DFID

They're just for fun but I enjoy seeing what color combinations are possible- DF

Monday, March 18, 2019

DECORATIVE: Parterre Bench

Parterre bench by Bettie Bearden Pardee

I've been admiring this decorative seat for quite a while , created by the Newport lifestyle expert Bettie Pardee-
I have noticed more than a few here in Naples and I specially like the fact that you can have it made in any color that you choose-
Recently I was helping my dear friend Mary with her garden and suggested something like this- And on another note I was sorry to hear that Oatsie Charles had died , especially since Nicolas had recently photographed my friend Louise's loggia in Palm Beach- for Kips Bay charities.  Here's a pretty shot I took of the lovely purple morning glory in Mary's garden here in Naples.  DF

Sunday, March 17, 2019

MIXED: Bed Linens + Objet

Dean Farris Interior Design

While  I normally would not do something like this for one of my clients as they prefer a more pulled together look, I was channeling sister parish in Maine for my bed in Naples- With no less than 13 pillows, a duvet, blanket cover, and a precious teddy bear!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!  DF

DFID (c) 2019

Saturday, March 16, 2019

WALLS: DeGournay

Chinois wall covering, Schumacher 5007740

Like many others I've always enjoyed and loved Chinese inspired wallpapers and wall coverings and this one is especially beautiful reminding me of Baroness Pauline when she was in London at her Albany flat.  Billy and I were shopping in New York and I took this snap of the show room of deGournay in the design district near the D&D building- love it!  DF

Dean Farris Interior Design

Friday, March 15, 2019

BRANCA: Empire Tabouret

Alessandra Branca, VERANDA

I found it so interesting that the Chicago designer Alessandra Branca had used a pair of these empire style benches in her Windsor Florida Project. I had recently found a similar pair at an estate sale and I'm using them for small tables in my new living room in Naples.  I particularly like the way she used the decorative tape on the fabric very attractive and a very nice detail- DF

Dean Farris Interior Design

Thursday, March 14, 2019

BEAUTY: Reynolda Gardens

Reynolda, Winston-Salem, NC

I took this shot a couple summers ago- while visiting my parents, this is the place where I used to spend a lot of time looking at the roses,inhaling the fragrance of the boxwoods,and feeling a sense of contentment and peace -Frederick Law Olmsted contributed to the design of these gardens- DF

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

CHEVRON: C'est Chic


I've always liked chevron patterns and something jazzy on French frames. I also like painted finishes however this one is a glossy white which is a little bit glitzy.  DF

Dean Farris Interior Design

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

EYE: On Rugs

Designers Rug Center, Naples

I saw this rug over at Designers Rug Center downtown and I like it very much -the color and the pattern.  Inspiration for a room!  DF

Monday, March 11, 2019

MEUBLES: Les Touches

Dean Farris Interior Design
Brunschwig fabric on Maitland-Smith chair
As I've mentioned here before -the fabric from Brunschwig and fils called "les touches" has always been a favorite of mine. Recently my dear friend Louise over in Palm Beach sent me some yardage so that I could use it for my new apartment here in Naples.

Previously on this pair of armchairs I had used a satin in a coral pattern in a strange shade of chartreuse and gold- you may recall it if you follow me and as much as I liked it - twas time for a change!  My fabulous upholstery man, Jim Griffin recovered the seats for me gratis- so kind and so appreciated!

I was also given the large wool Wilton rug by my associate and colleague Mr Chris Smith, of Designers Rug Center- so, if the new travertine floor goes in this summer as planned, I will return the rug to DRC - since it is on loan -  stay tuned! DF

Sunday, March 10, 2019

STYLE: Gep Durenberger

Gep Durenberger
Gep Durenberger  was a very prominent west coast antique dealer and taste maker- and when I attended FIT I would hear Professor Barrows talk about him and they knew each other quite well.  Many years later Billy and I were out in California and visited his shop -Which he had left behind and I remember how charming and beautiful it was -there was an old black Mercedes sitting in the back covered in a fine layer of dust- And in the below image you can see a small cottage where Gep once lived - charming!  DF

Saturday, March 9, 2019

AT HOME: Martinis


After a long busy week I enjoy having a martini at home -these jalapeño stuffed olives are amazingly delicious and I use my favorite Tito's vodka with a minimal amount of vermouth and a touch of "Olive juice"from the jar -delicious!  DF

Friday, March 8, 2019


Dean Farris Interior Design

I'm loving this old-school Park Avenue look right now -the mix of an 18th-century Mirror, unrestored with newer decorative brackets by Suzanne Kasler of Atlanta with some other beautiful things that I've collected over the years, including a small French lamp from Greenwich Village and some copies of tole cachepots bought here in Naples- DF

Thursday, March 7, 2019


Dean Farris Interior Design

I always enjoy looking at the light in the morning especially- this shot intrigues me with its Chinois magic and the colors from the Chinese pots which I adore-

The book in the center is "Palm Beach Splendor" with photography by Kim Sargent, the father of Nick Sargent, who shot Louise's loggia at the Kips Bay Palm Beach decorator show house recently-

Great book!  Have a great day!  DF

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Charming Room, Chilly Day

Dean Farris Interior Design 

It's always refreshing when we get some cooler weather down here in South Florida and today it's 55° I thought this Sunny shot of my new living room had a toasty warm look to it and wanted to share it with you!  DF

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

INSPIRED: Billy Baldwin

Dean Farris, Dean Farris Interior Design

I've always been inspired by the late,great, decorator, Billy Baldwin too- and here Billy R caught me on my sofa - just like Billy B !  DF