Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Levine Childrens Hospital

Michael with Coco

Levine Childrens Hospital, Charlotte, North Carolina

Today, I learned from my good friend and client, Mary, that her very handsome grandson, Michael, has cancer. Michael is the personification of a charming nine year old boy, and is being treated at Levine Childrens Hospital, in Charlotte. Here he is with his new puppy, called Coco. I pray for his rapid return to health, which we so often take for granted, especially when so young. Michael and I had a lot of fun tooling around in the Porsche when he was here in Naples visiting relatives not so long ago. Through Mary and Michael, I discovered the site http://www.caringbridge.org/ - which provides a fantastic way for friends and family members to connect with each other during health challenges in their lives. I know that Michael will recover soon, and be back to normal in no time! Hang in there big guy! Hugs, DF *****