Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Architect: Edward Vason Jones

State Department, Washington

The Green room, White House

The Big House, Gillionville Plantation, Albany

Living room, Gillionville

Dining Room, Gillionville, reminds me of what Sister Parish did at the Gasparilla Inn

The Shackleford Home, aka The Pink House

My mother kindly took this picture for me

I'm thrilled to share with you this favorite important architect, from my birthplace of Albany, Georgia. Edward Vason Jones did extensive work at the White House, and was a member of the Georgia School of Classicism. He first began with the Gillionville Plantation, in Albany, in 1935. At the White House, he is remembered for the Green Room and Vermeil Room restorations. In my "home town" of Albany he did the old Shackleford House, which we always referred to as "The Pink Elephant" or The Pink House, which today is used as a meeting place, for important civic events in the town. Even though he had no formal education in architecture, his work was so outstanding that he was hired by the noted Atlanta firm, Hentz, Reid and Adler. EVJ resonates with me, as when I was a child I loved to ride by the Pink House and think how pretty it was. Read more about him and his work on Wikipedia. Here are some images to stir the classical imagination! Enjoy! DF *****