Monday, January 31, 2011

Sculpture as an Accessory

My classical focal point

James Andrew placed sculpture on pedestals and his low table

I love these for my dream garden, from Christa in PB

Campion Platt placed this piece on a squared pedestal
His fireplace reads as a sculpture in his space

Vizcaya, classic placement of bust on marble mantel

My Charleston client placed this in his bathroom
Sink and faucet, drawer pulls, Sherle Wagner

I had placed my bust here before I moved it to the skirted table

I really enjoy using classical sculpture pieces in decorating. These busts, animal forms, and other categories are a way to introduce three dimensional texture into a space. There is no limit as to the possibilities, and your only limitation is available space to hold them. I remember working on the Breen house in Houston with Tice, and we installed a large piece of sculpture from Chas Gundry (dealer) on a custom pedestal base in the entry hall, floating in front of a wall of windows which faced the rear garden. It was stunning and gave a pleasant feeling of solid gravitas. Here, I used a piece in my own apartment as a focal point. I found this fabulous garden piece at Christas South in West Palm Beach, and I share with you the beautiful apartment of Mr. James Andrew in New York, where his love of sculpture is quite evident, and expresses a very well rounded sensibility. Enjoy! DF *****