Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Tufted Settee

Photo by William R. Rain

Small silk pillows from Sean Johnson Atelier

Wine table from Spencer Ott, New Orleans

The tufted settee from Lilian August, in white matlasse' I have had this piece for a few years now, and am crazy for it. Here it is with two silk pillows and one silk damask pillow. It's facing out towards the lake and the sunset in the afternoon, which is very pleasant while enjoying a glass of chilled white wine. I like how this small scaled piece makes my room appear larger, and I have more room for chairs, which I'm very fond of. I highly suggest such a piece if you are looking to create a feeling of Edwardian coziness, not a television viewing room. A place for books, wine, cognac, conversation. Candles burning, music playing. La Dolce Vita! Enjoy! DF*****