Sunday, January 23, 2011

Albert Hadley

You can imagine how exciting it was for me, when attending FIT, and having Stanley Barrows for my faculty chair, when people like Albert would come and talk to us about our chosen career path. It was a thrill I'll never get over. Albert knows how to convey glamour and a sense of style, grounded in history and knowledge, that resonates with anyone truly interested in design and decor. He's a lot of fun too, and never wears his knowledge too heavily. I enjoy looking at this book every so often, to remind myself of what a genius he really is. To hear him talk about people like Rose Cumming is to know what New York was really like, before this electronic age we now live in. It was FABULOUS! Quality was highly valued, and people would wait for it. Things took time. Things were done properly. Think about it, it wasn't all this dreck coming from China. It was the real thing baby! All worth every penny. DF *****