Friday, January 28, 2011

David Easton in Naples

David Anthony Easton

See anyone you know here? LOL

Foreword by Albert Hadley

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Famous New York designer, David Anthony Easton, is coming to Naples for a seminar and book signing/luncheon on February 3rd...he's come a long way since first partnering with Michael LaRocca as Easton LaRocca. I still remember admiring his display window when he was in Johnny Nicolsons townhouse - so european and exquisite. His office is now downtown, in a loft like space. Tice almost took a job with him, as the supervisor of the Kluge project, he would have had to move to Charlottesville and live there for a year or so...that large house is now on the market. His clients here in Naples, the Andersons, live in an amazing house by Jeffrey Smith, and our friend Judith Auclair helped Mrs. Anderson with some of her accessories there, including major pieces of her shell art, which is now being shown at WEBSTER & COMPANY in the Miromar Design Center. Webster is sponsoring David's luncheon here on Thursday. Here, you can see a view of the house - one of my favorite in town, as its clad in coquina stone. This is a serious piece of architecture. ENJOY! DF *****