Thursday, February 24, 2011

Georgian Revival - New Project

This bank is our inspiration

Home of Johnston Design Group, Architects

Concept drawing by an architect we had worked with previously

A cozy room in the tear down house...

This small charmer will most likely be torn down to make way for our new georgian

I look forward to the next year or so of new creative work for the ground up execution of a new georgian revival house in South Carolina... here are some shots I took while visiting the up country this past weekend, which are the basis of inspiration for the architectural style we have chosen for the house, to be designed by Scott Johnston and Carmella Cioffi of Johnston Design Group, Greenville, South Carolina. This will be the sixth house I've designed the interiors of for this couple, and their lake home was published in the Oct/Nov 1999 issue of "Country" magazine. Will share images of that house in a later post. Enjoy! DF*****