Friday, February 4, 2011

Designer Profile: Mary McDonald

Designer Mary McDonald

Her visually stunning new book

I see some very exciting posts today from my various interior design blogger friends...Jennifer, Tina, Brad... I was in the Borders bookstore the other day, and came across this gorgeous new book by Mary McDonald, the Los Angeles designer. Mary is a native Californian, and was raised in Brentwood. Her work shows how very passionate and talented she is. I'm crazy for the way she consistently uses chairs as a sort of exclamation mark in her rooms. Her color sense is highly dramatic, and of course there is a lot of attention to detail. Like that Noel Coward play, Design for Living, she too is a work of art, and is her own best advertisement, as you can see here from this portrait of her. Her new book (Rizzoli) is nothing short of stellar, and I must have it for my collection of decorating books. I think we all at some point aspire to having a big glossy book showing our work, have you noticed that there has been a glut of them coming out lately? I just need to have a personal library devoted to this topic, I remember Tice had two huge bookcases made for his tomes, and the designer Mark Zeff has retained them when he took the apartment after Tice died. What a time I had going through them and soaking up all the exciting information they held. When a subject is your passion, you have an inexhaustible supply of energy to put into it. Have a great weekend, ENJOY! DF*****