Friday, March 18, 2011

Room of the Week, Mario Buatta

Room by Mario Buatta

My good friend, Mario

Who wouldn't love this beautiful grand salon by famous Mario? In a New York penthouse, it's the epitome of what Buatta does. Color, antiques, glazed finishes, curtains, and pillows. STYLE, STYLE, STYLE! This room harks back to the famous Nancy Lancaster "buttah yellow" room we all worship and adore. This shade of yellow green he used is very specific to a certain refined sense of color - Carleton Varney also uses it frequently. The amazing thing about this room of the week is the vast, barrel vaulted ceiling, entirely covered in silver tea paper! There is a celestial thing going on in this apartment, as seen in the art, and an unusual globe chandelier from Rosselli in the inner foyer. This is what I would choose if I could have anything - a NYC penthouse all done up by fabulous Mario Buatta! Enjoy. DF*****

P.S. please say a prayer for the people of Japan- God bless them.