Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inspired by Michael Taylor

Modern baroque interior by Dean Farris Interior Design

Coco Chanel also loved simple elegance
I love the simplicity that the late Michael Taylor promoted, along with his love of antiques, creating a sort of "modern baroque" style. Here, I stripped down my "salon" and cleaned it of clutter and am enjoying the plain look. I did stop at Pottery Barn and look at natural fiber rugs - perhaps I'll add one in to this mix for more of the peasant look we love.

Contrast is perhaps my favorite word in the decorating vocabulary - I like it very much! As I swept the floors with an old broom, I thought of Madame Eugenia Errazuriz, and how she was known almost a hundred years ago for her love of clean, swept away can read more about her in the Cecil Beaton book "The Glass of Fashion" . Enjoy! DF *****