Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Kings Speech

In Miami, 1941

With Ginseng and Diamond, 1975

The rented Bois de Boulogne villa

Last night, I finally saw The Kings Speech, starring Colin Firth. I was compelled to see this film, as I've always been fascinated by the Duke of York's famous brother, The Duke of Windsor, who famously gave up the throne to marry his sweetheart, Wallis Simpson. I urge you to see this if you haven't already, it is a superb piece of work. All of the actors are stunning and so realistic in their portrayals. Do bring a handkerchief, as it is somewhat emotional at times. See my posting below of an interview with the Duke and Duchess. Here too are some telling pics of their lives together. Sadly, once the Duke died, poor Wallis was left very much alone, although with a full staff of servants, and her pugs. What a truly romantic story! Enjoy! DF *****