Monday, March 21, 2011

Masculine Wood Flooring!

We were able to retain the existing "baseboard"

Landing at top of stairs, carpet - Ralph Lauren Home

The rug we purchased six years ago

I love the idea of "hand scraped" wood floors right now. Some of these appear to be actually "hand scraped" while others really are...obviously the price is higher for the real thing. It seems that, in our modern, high tech world, authenticity is one thing that is a truly rare, and costly, commodity. On this job, I had suggested to the client that we install a fitted seagrass over the existing dated looking tile floor, as a way to improve the look of the space, as well as to freshen up his collection of french and italian antiques. I'm glad we didn't do it, as seagrass requires maintenance, he has a dog, and it would have cost more than the new hardwood floor! Furthermore, seagrass has unfortunately become a decorating cliche' (although highly rated in the authentic department) and I just thought it was perhaps a bit trite, even though most clients who are not tuned in still don't understand it. Taste is all relative to the individual; one can't force a client to have something that they don't like. This wood flooring from ProFloors is classic, timeless, and will improve the resale value of this condo. Here are a few quick shots I took while over there to inspect the final installation. Enjoy! DF ***** Room by Dean Farris Interior Design.