Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trophy Room, Naples

Room by Dean Farris Interior Design

I designed this room about five years ago, with the help of Tony Palladino, the builder. We created the room as a new wing addition on to the existing house, which I also decorated. This shot by Doug Thompson, shows the upper portion of the wing, prior to the installation of 75 trophies from big game hunting - the owner has over 150 - and shoots with people like George Herbert Walker Bush, and others you may have heard of. This room has gotten better with age, as the owners wife has a special way of personalizing a room with accessories, objet trouve', and things she already owns.

The one thing I did not want to include were two "recliners", however the man of the house asked for them, so I conceded to his wishes. Otherwise, I was free to select whatever I liked, and was given a VERY GENEROUS budget (carte blanche). I have since also done the other trophy room at their ancestral home up north, known as Rebels Rest. What a lovely client, and a truly fun project! Enjoy! DF *****