Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sister Parish

I'm sure Mrs. P would have loved this from Todd Romano

A constant source of inspiration is the legacy left by Mrs. Henry Parish,II. "Sister" was quite the grande dame and her taste and style have influenced generations of decorators. When I asked Albert Hadley about her, he never really said a word. Albert is a gentleman. Here she is looking busy, and showing how work is the ultimate form of glamour. I wish I could have known her, however my late friend Tice Alexander, who worked in her office for years, said when I asked him about her and what she was really like "She would not have liked you"! Who knows what he meant by this ominous statement. All I know is that when my old college friend Bob Shatzer, who worked in the PH drafting department, showed me her pink glazed office with the painted floor and the chintz I was forever imprinted with her fabulous style! DF***** See more about Sister Parish on the site http://www.lauracaseyinteriors.com/blog