Sunday, December 5, 2010

On My List: Venfield

VENFIELD - a touch of old New York glamour!

Found at Z Gallerie... nice with the coyote throw from Venfield
These are from VENFIELD, not old, but good...good for holding the Vuitton trunks

These are from VENFIELD, to go above the commodes on either side of bed

Santa, these are for my nightstands, from VENFIELD, NYC

These go on the commodes in front of the mirrors VENFIELD

This new bed from VENFIELD will have the orange silk damask as a duvet, with custom linens embroidered in orange from Leta Austin Foster, Palm Beach

This coyote throw from VENFIELD goes at foot of bed, thanks Santa

This piece of french 40's (VENFIELD) goes on glass wall opposite bed, facing view of the city

This sputnik from VENFIELD, will look great on the lacquered brown ceiling

Dear Santa, I want to redo my bedroom for my Christmas present this year! Could I please have the following things? An Edelman leather tiles floor (color to be decided, probably silver) -my walls to be upholstered in a silk damask from Bergamo (color would be a bright deep orange) and for my ceiling I want the painters from New York to lacquer it in a glazed chocolate color, to set off the sputnik chandelier I found at VENFIELD, all of this to be on my list along with this mirrored bed, pair lacquered commodes, pair mirrors, pair zebra benches, mirrored dresser, pair platinum gilt lamps, coyote fur throw, all from VENFIELD in New York! Please may I have it? I look forward to getting all of this soon! Thanks Santa! DF***** PS and a Hunt Slonem painting for above the bed...dreamy!