Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dean in Ralph Lauren Circa 1993

Well here I am in 1993, having just completed a large house in South Carolina for some of my oldest and dearest clients. We did the kitchen in a palette of cool blue and white, and I chose to dress myself in a Ralph Lauren silk shirt with a blue and white porcelain motif. I paired this with white linen shorts, and a pair of laceless white Keds...notice my 1930's styled hair, probably due to having such an elegant fashion model client, and always driving the Rolls over to the paint store to pick up more supplies! What a character I must have been. Here too, is a nighttime shot of my mothers Christmas tree, she did an unbelievable job of it this year, it was IMPOSSIBLE to tell that it was artificial! It really looked real, other than the fragrance, which was missing. I suppose I'll never forget the time I was walking up First Avenue in NYC, and down the same side came Ralph and Ricky Lauren. I was dressed in head to toe Ralph, very shabby preppy, and the look Ralph gave me was one that made me feel as if I had been devoured, cannibalized, eaten alive... it was one of those unforgettable New York moments that you get when you actually live there. ENJOY! DF*****