Friday, November 20, 2009

Winter sunsets II

I enjoy experimenting with what my digital camera can and cannot do. Here, I tried to capture a bit of the sunset from my apartment, just before darkness falls. Tonight, the fountain was not illuminated for some reason, when it is I feel like I am in a park outside too is another dusky shot of my "salon" which I never tire of photographing, since I seem to be obsessed with the idea of rooms devoted to the lost art of conversation. Please check out my pal Miles Redd's new spread in "Elle Decor" the blue lacquered foyer is amazing and so chic I could die. It reminds me of a house Ruben de Saavedra had done back in the eighties. Funny, I have a client here who used Ruben for his house in Pittsburgh, as well as Michael Greer. Life just gets more and more interesting with each passing day ! DF ***** (copyright Dean Farris 2009)