Friday, November 13, 2009

Nouvelle Orleans II

San Francisco Plantation

Garden District

Hermann-Grima house

A Cangelosi Restoration on Conti, French Quarter

On Rue Royale
Here are some more of my shots from our New Orleans trip in 2008. Robert "Robbie" Cangelosi AIA took us to some of his favorite places, including some of his own restoration projects, as well as to some of the plantation homes in the outlying parishes.

I have always loved Louisiana, but was shocked to see how the oil and natural gas business has encroached on the countryside, creating severe contrasts between the old houses and the huge refineries. Post Katrina, the whole area has more of a sharp edge to it, with crime at a higher level, and a sense of danger in the air. Here are some of the images I wanted to share with you, which were not shown in the previous N.O. post. Enjoy ! DF *****