Thursday, November 26, 2009

Felliniesque Thanksgiving

The Naples restaurant "St George and the Dragon" is an institution, and Mary, Susan and I enjoyed a nine course meal there today. I especially enjoyed my shrimp and scallop coquille (served in a large scallop shell) and my pre- dinner manhattan on the rocks. After dinner, we took Susan home, and I got a tour of her palatial residence on Crayton Road. The golf course view was spectacular ! Then, we went to Mary's sons house and checked out their festive goodies, with a very yummy looking turkey (23 pounds) fresh from the oven. Fresh rosemary had been installed under the skin prior to cooking. Now, I just want to recover from all the fabulous food and drink ! The clientele at St George and the Dragon is very interesting. Lots of very tall stately looking gents and very wonderfully eccentric ladies...with nice jewelry, big bouffants, and Pucci type clothes...the atmosphere is VERY DARK and there are those great green glass globes on all the lamps. It feels like the galley of an old ship from the early nineteenth century, and Mary, our server was a ringer for Ina Garten, the barefoot contessa. We enjoyed each and every bite ! DF *****