Thursday, March 29, 2012

See Naples and Die!

While Naples, Florida may not be every one's cup of tea, it certainly has grown on me. After living here year round all these years, I can finally see it for what it really is, and I like it very much. As a year round resident, I get to see the "real" Naples and the fantasy world it morphs into in the Winter. The Europeans love it here in the off season (Summer) and so do I. This season, I saw more conspicuous signs of wealth than ever before. It has become very much like Monaco. My friend, local designer Shari DuPont calls it a "mini Palm Beach" and I have to agree with her, since I now reside on a peninsula, almost entirely surrounded by deep water, and accessible by only two bridges by car. My friends Tim and Jerry had us to a party of theirs at the fabulous Port Royal beach club, where the mayor performed their lovely commitment ceremony, which was followed by a beautiful dinner party. The club was designed by Palm Beach architect John Volk in the 1950's and Brooke Huttig and Mimi McMakin did the interiors. Naples is simply chock full of talented decorators, and we all compete against New York and Palm Beach designers on a daily basis. In order to fully appreciate the charms of our small town on the gulf, one needs to get out of the car, and onto either foot, moped, trolley, or boat. Mother nature is truly in her glory here. Enjoy these casual shots I took this evening just on a quick bike ride around my neighborhood. DF*****