Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grey Oaks Estate Section

This one has seven bedrooms

I always enjoy paying a visit to my wonderful clients in Grey Oaks, who live across from Mrs. Sproul, the founder of the luxury development and country club. Mrs. Sproul is a Collier, and in Naples that packs a lot of punch. (Naples is in Collier County, the largest in the state). My clients are a dream, and I've worked on six of their homes, two in Indiana, and four in Naples. Grey Oaks is the type of place where, your neighbor may tire of her view, so she sells and moves to Provence, Paradise Valley, or Napa, as some of my other G.O. clients have done.

House Beautiful featured a Grey Oaks house a few years ago. It's an interesting mix of accomplished people, and it has THREE golf courses! The late Mrs. Lutgert was living in the estuary section, and she belonged to another illustrious Naples family by way of marriage. I have some new clients in estuary, who keep places in New York, London, and Saint tropez...just for example. Here are two shots to give you a glimpse- I have to make some curtains for this palladian style window in the music room, as the old ones were water damaged. Enjoy the day, wherever you are! DF *****