Friday, March 2, 2012

Bentley Rolls Party

Looking forward to attending the party for the third anniversary of our Naples Bentley dealer, here's a 2012 Rolls Ghost "the baby Rolls" listed for $281,000 and suitable for self driving without looking like a fool. I love it, and I also adore the Bentley Continental Ragtop. I test drove one and fell in love with the smooth 12 cylinder performance, and the massage in the leather seat feature.

It's iconic glamour, even though I call Bentley the Toyota of Naples since you see so many here.

Ever since I heard that James Galanos, the fashion designer, keeps a black Rolls parked in front of his white regency style house in L.A. , I've been obsessed with how elegant they are (Rolls) and love their ridiculous sense of over the top luxury. Enjoy this post! DF *****