Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Behind The Gates: Beautiful Bay Colony, Naples

Lobby seating area at The Carlysle

Approach to the Carlysle

This house has nine red Ferraris in the garage

For about the last sixteen years, I've been working for various design clients in the super luxury enclaves called Bay Colony, here in Naples, Florida. There are two Bay Colony developments in Naples, just as we have two Ritz-Carlton resorts. One is on the beach, and one is on a Greg Norman golf course, called Tiburon. I happened to be in the beach one yesterday, and took some shots to share with you dear readers. Bay Colony on the beach has a mix of estate homes, villas, and luxury high rise condos...there are no properties available for under a million. There is also a very elite section right on the beach, of large homes called The Strand, which I have also worked in, for the Fabela family. These lots originally sold for $20,000.00 a SQUARE FOOT. Homes range from 14 to 32 million there. Yesterday, I was near The Strand, as I was in the Carlysle, which is the last tower to the south, with killer views down the coastline. Enjoy these shots. Judge Judy has a place in Bay Colony and it really has to be seen to be believed. The BC Beach Club is a fun place for lunch, should one be so lucky to get invited. ENJOY! DF *****