Sunday, May 1, 2011

In a Cottage By The Sea

Houses with names...

Sans Souci

The Brittany

Horizon House, Mr Lutgerts first high rise...

Black rock waterfall, I wonder if Mr L created this?

Looking north up Moorings bay, my place is on the left

Bordeaux Club, my new home

View from my sunroom

The blinds came with the apartment...

Rose Cumming loved french chairs dancing on bare floors

OK, So, it may be a condo by the sea...and the sea is the gulf of Mexico...and I'm on the bay side, not the beach side, but so what, and who cares? Not me! I absolutely love this new location, and just came back from a morning bike ride. The breezes are making the palms sway, and it's a lovely morning in Naples. I can really buff up on my photography skills now, and look forward to sharing my shots with you, dear readers. I just moved in on Friday, so please pardon the appearance of my room shots, as I have a ton of boxes to either store or unpack, all in good time, since Summer is coming soon. Have a happy May first, and a great day, wherever you (may) find yourself. DF*****