Monday, May 30, 2011

Designer Sketches/Memorial day 2011

Original sketch by Dean Farris, DFID

The posts I found very much like my pre-existing sketch!

I admire the proportions of these doors

Stunning Seagate drive, Naples, Florida

I enjoy sharing my life with you, and a funny thing happened yesterday, I had made this sketch for the new luxury estate I'm working on in South Carolina, playing with the name for the house I came up with, SURIJEDA...when very serendipitously I then came across this very similar entrance post situation here in Naples (see photo) Imagine my surprise and delight to find something so similar already executed, when I had made the sketch BEFORE finding this house! Today, the weather is absolutely gorgeous! Low humidity, cool breezes, and hot sunshine! I've already seen several boats pass by my windows this morning. Enjoy the day, wherever you may find yourself. DF *****