Friday, May 6, 2011

Flora and Fauna

Lantana, a flower I remember fondly from my childhood, due to the delightful spicy scent...this color is known as "ham and eggs", all pinks peaches and yellows, very charming!

Gardenias are everywhere!

Hibiscus and bougainvilla blooming outside my windows

A better shot of my new Living Room

Entrance gate to the Pug Villa

The Pug Villa, Naples

Naples is chock full of beautiful flowers, flowering trees, shrubs, and landscaping... on my morning ride, I caught these lovely images for DFS, and was also invited to a Derby party by the building manager...looking forward to a great weekend! Here too, is a better pic of the infamous Pug Villa, a house up the street from my new home, on GSBN. DF *****