Friday, May 20, 2011

Decorator Scrapbook XI

Remember when babies were the latest fashion accessory? I do.

May is a lovely time to be outdoors...

I'm crazy for these huge aquariums!

Not the worst copies I ever saw...

A favorite dining table, at the Johny Harris residence

Dear readers and followers, I do hope to be able to, for the first time, show you my new bedroom by the sea, here in sunny Naples, soon. Like Tom Britt and Mario Buatta, I sometimes prefer to keep my private quarters private... here too is another glimpse into my designer image file, forever growing and expanding, as I ply my way through the day with a digital camera handy. Last night, I was on my hands and knees making templates for a clients bathroom floors... then we all went out for a late supper with lots of delicious drinks...I do hope that you'll let go and have a wonderful mid May weekend, with old memorial day coming up shortly! Enjoy! Dean *****