Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Room for Conversation

Nineteenth century elegance in New Orleans, Louisiana

What, in this day and age, could be more important than practicing the lost art of conversation ? I mean sitting down in a room, with another person or more, and no phones, no television, no computers... admiring the art, the ambience, the comfort ? The porcelain objet , the fine fabrics, gorgeous draperies (curtains Mrs. Parish would have said) and the architecture of the room... the chandelier, the subtle lighting, and the flowers, food and drinks ! Intelligent, stimulating conversation is about all we have left in this modern age of voice mails, e-mails, etc. A room devoted to talking to our friends and family is a very special place, and deserves careful consideration. Here's to the host or hostess who still knows how to serve a triscuit and a stiff drink, sit down on a sofa and CHAT ! This is what life is all about. Enjoy ! DF *****