Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Decorating Challenges

Often, a room has not been planned well by the builder or architect, and short of removing walls or windows, and moving doors, a good decorator can "hide" or minimize these architectural flaws with decorative devices. Presently, we are working on a new project in Old Lyme, CT where there is what is known in builder jargon as a "plant shelf" - we offered three solutions. One, ignore it ! Two, use it as a place to show off a collection. Three, install antique shutters to create additional storage. We chose to ignore it. In my own living room, I have the "problem" of having the kitchen open to the room, which is not my favorite situation for how I prefer to live ( in a Henry James novel) so, I am having a simple screen made to be finished in a dark brown shiny lacquer... Here is another elevation, where I took out a flat screen television, and would prefer a larger piece of furniture, but am making do with what I have. I recently hung the two original David Ferlito collages, and am enjoying them again. Stay tuned for the post showing the new screen ! DF *****