Wednesday, May 26, 2010

L'bureau de Marie

Mary and flowers

Tres' jolie !

Mary loves these mercury glass balls

Mary did a great job of filling her bookshelves !

I love my dear friend Mary so much, and she also was a client, before we became good friends. Mary is a person who is full of sunshine, optimism, and flair. She loves to hunt for goodies at all the shops, and she adores to travel. I recently helped her to freshen up some rooms in her new home, here in sunny Naples (Florida) and it was a joy, as she was preparing to take a month long cruise, and so, we had to expedite the design process. Mary and I must go to our favorite place soon, called Bleu Provence, we enjoy the atmosphere and the cuisine very much ! Enjoy ! DF ***** PS Billy and I enjoyed seeing Dr. Lois Bolin, Bruno Dhaine, and Ingrid and Fabrizio Aielli last night at the celebrity bartenders event for Naples Backyard History at Sea Salt on Third Street - Fun !