Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Designer Profile: Mario Buatta

Mario Buatta

Former Sister Parish apartment

A gorgeous Mario creation

Meeting Mario Buatta is like encountering an explosion of charm. He and I first met when he came to FIT to give a talk, with fabulous slide show, and I so enjoyed hearing him discuss his work. My first real job out of school was in the model rooms at Bloomingdale's in manhattan, and I got to work with Mario there on his room setting, as the theme was top designers creating model rooms that year. This was back in 1983 or so... Mario is fun, funny, works like a devil, and truly loves his work, he is passionate and full of energy, which is contagious. He always makes you feel like an old friend, and we speak by phone every now and then. I still feel that if I was a mogul, I'd definitely hire Mario to decorate all of my homes... he just has a flair and a sense of color that is superlative. His taste and english style are the epitome of chic. Here, I borrowed some images from AD to show you more of what Mario, once dubbed the "Prince of Chintz" is all about. The link below shows his deft handling of the re-design of Sister Parish's former apartment for Patricia Altschul. Enjoy ! DF*****
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