Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fine French Furniture

Fine french furniture has never gone out of fashion. It is not at the peak of popularity right now, but among collectors is still very desirable. Decorators such as Billy Baldwin and Sister Parish fueled the fire for this passion, beginning in the early 2oth century. There was a huge mania for the FFF and it was a mark of taste and having arrived to own it. Collector Jayne Wrightsman acquired so much that she has galleries in the Metropolitan Museum full of it. Bill and I located these chairs at N.P. Trent on Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach. They are 18th century, and in very good condition, with fruitwood frames and silk upholstery. Dalva brothers in New York and L'antiquaire and l'connoisseur (nyc) are excellent sources, as well as Sotheby's and Christies. I had the privilege of working for the late Garrick Stephenson, another dealer in New York, and also am very partial to Frederick P. Victoria. Tony and Freddy can make anything and have been a source for top designers for many years. From Albert Hadley I learned to be critical of copies, as in a good model versus a not so good, it's all in the proportions and the details. The finish is also extremely important for a successful facsimile. DF