Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bermuda in Florida

There are many small islands off the west coast of Florida, and on one very special island is a new house that I have had the pleasure of being associated with. I would have to say that stucco is probably my favorite (exterior) application for buildings in south Florida, and I am particularly fond of this stucco clad house. The pale pink chosen for exterior paint was very wise, and reminds me of a seashell. Of great interest is the siting; the house is sitting on a very narrow strip of land between the gulf of Mexico and the inland waterway. It is surrounded by water. Due to the high phosphorous content of the sand, the sea water is most often a bright aqua color, which looks splendid with the pale pink stucco. Nearby is the 100 year old hotel built in a Greek Revival/Colonial style which maintains the most genteel atmosphere even in this age of the internet and cellular telephones. The hotel also has a wonderful casual restaurant called The Pink Elephant. The shrimp caesar salad is excellent. Sit outside and enjoy the wonderful Florida sunshine.