Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fashion Institute

Here is a rendering I did when I was at F.I.T. (New York). I really got into it, and stayed up all night working on it. In design school, that is known as "charette", working all night if it takes that to get done. We were all so inspired, me, Tice Alexander, Richard Keith Langham, Marcy Masterson...what a wonderful time that was (1980's) the city was alive with a wild energy !

For that project, our instructor, Prof. Albino Cimonetti (one of the original four founders of Quadrille) had us designing a fabulous drawing room for a New York socialite. Professor Barrows critiqued our work. (He died in the Naples hospital in 1995, the hospital was decorated by Dorothy Draper !)

I used everything I loved at the time, including lacquered walls, black granite floors, and good antiques mixed with modern designer furniture, such as a John Dickinson plaster console and Giacometti lamp, with Stark antelope carpets, and Louis XV chairs in pastel silks. My big statement was the draperies, two colors of silk, inspired by Pauline de Rothschilds flat at the Albany in London. Two 18th century giltwood mirrors hung above the white console tables.