Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Key West Day Trip

This is the larger boat
This poster was in our chosen restaurant

Our old friends, Bob and David, from Melbourne, Fla. were recently in Naples for the Denison reunion, and had brought along some of their friends- George and Jerald, from Cocoa Beach.  They had the idea to visit Key West on the boat that leaves from Marco Island, and so, on Friday, that is what we did.  Yours truly had never actually been on this big old boat- and wasn't entirely knowledgeable about it- I was expecting a rustic old ferry trawler like the one I used to take from Sayville, NY to Fire Island Pines.
It was quite a bit nicer- called the Atlantia, and staffed by a crew of four sturdy and handsome young men.  We left early, around 8 or so- and arrived in Key West about three hours later...

Billy had the wonderful idea of renting this cute little electric car for our island tour- and I loved the faded lilac color- it was hysterical riding all over old town in this little bug.  Maximum speed - 25 mph ! We left the other guys at the marina as they wanted to do some other things, and went off on our own in this lavender Mercedes S 500 (key west version) :)  STRAIGHT TO LUNCH !!! as being on the water for over three hours makes one ravenous!

Above, the menu of the day at charming, tres' local, El Siboney - (the Pirate?) a little Cuban eatery on Catherine Street, just past the old cemetery.  Billy and I ordered the pollo con arroz, and I had a Budweiser Light with my simple - but delicious meal.  The last time we were on the island, we went here for dinner, and had fabulous roast chicken, which had a shredded texture- and black beans and rice, also with fried plantains- which were also served with our rice dish at lunch yesterday.  There was every kind of person there, from designer bagged girls, to laborers - and many languages were being spoken.  It's off the beaten path, and quite good, and cheap too.

After our simple lunch, we hopped back into la lavender, and headed over to the Casa Marina area, to see the old dock and the water on the Atlantic side.  I stuck my toes in and felt the slightly cool water- and saw this pretty girl snorkeling- something I had done around the coral reef, years ago, which at 160 miles, is the eighth largest in the world!  I did envy her the utter freedom and indulgence- like a fish she was, and no doubt as blissfully ignorant of any harm that may come her way ! :(

We got back in, and rode off, and I suggested getting an apres' lunch ice cream, which we did- and then wandered somewhat crazily back over to the Fleming Street area where I saw this adorable bicycle!  This is so artistic, and KW seems to have become a little haven for artists, old hippies, and eccentrics.  We also did a "drive by" of my fave antiques shop on the island, The Duck and The Dolphin.  The sun kept going in and out, and there were wonderful breezes...

Here, Billy strikes a very "Prada" pose- looking so cute in his stripe polo.  I took this shot of him on the dock where I had seen the girl snorkeling.  We both miss the old days (1970's) in KW, when there was a wild vibe of wanton sexuality to the place.  But, we also relished the idea of going back to civilization, i.e Naples- and nice clean condos!

How funny is this little plate on the front of la lavender?  It says Conch Electric Cars.  A wave of the future?
Or- the KW version of a Tesla?

Ah, alas, dear sailors, all good things must (quickly, and too soon) come to an end.  From the bow of the good ship Lollipop, I took this shot- we had a wonderful, leisurely day on the island- and we left with no heaviness in our hearts.  Farewell dear little key- we will see you again soon!  Cheers!  DF *****