Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Cozy Dinner For Six

Dinner at home, chez Joe Rosen
Really, what could possibly be nicer than having some supper with old friends, in the intimate privacy of their home?  Not to mention the divine drinks and hors d'oeurves before!  Our wonderful New York pal, Joe had us over last night for a delicious and fun evening.  I loved his table setting so much I just had to post about it! Look at his creative placement.  I especially loved the peachy melon color he chose to use, and even suggested painting the tray ceiling the same rosy shade.  Oh, and lets not forget the dessert(s), and after dinner brandy and coffees!  Joe never lets his guests leave hungry!

Here's handsome Joe, relaxing in the living room, while Jimmy preps in the kitchen.  His decor' in Naples is very warm and eclectic. As I have mentioned in previous posts on JR, he once worked with starchitect, Phillip Johnson, and he MET Rose Cumming!  Not to mention a long list of other notable luminaries. What a great guy!  Below, a close-up of the console table arrangement in his living room.  

He played with seashells, palm tree lamps, faux aloe plants, and Asian pieces with an empire style mirror. He has stacks of books and current magazines everywhere, which create such a cozy, warm, and friendly atmosphere. Another thing I love about hanging out chez Joe, is the down filled cushions in his sofas and chairs!  Plus, his selection of cheeses and things to drink is totally gracious and fabulous- it's all so yummy and so good.  Coup de grace: TWO DESSERTS !!  An Italian New York Style cheesecake, and a layered ganache of chocolate, cream, and fruit!  DIVINE!  Thanks again Joe, for a wonderful, fun, relaxing, and elegant evening in your home away from home.  Cheers!  DF *****