Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mad for Brad

Brad Goreski, courtesy StyleList

Elsie would have had a flat screen here tuned to Rachel Zoe !

I removed the small flat screen from this room, deferring to Elsie

I really get a kick out of the Bravo Network "reality" show, The Rachel Zoe Project, with her charming and talented style director, Brad Goreski. Even if you never watch television, this one you MUST see... its very addictive, and the interesting thing to me about this show is that the "reality" seems very "real". I enjoyed reading about Brads exploits at Fashion Week recently in todays New York Times. I attended F.I.T. for three years, and during that wonderful period, I hung out with people like Anna Sui, Mary McFadden, Norma Kamali, and others you may have heard about in the fashion world. Carrie Donovan and Elsa Klensch LOVED my room sketches, and Elsa used some on her show "Style With Elsa Klensch" (CNN) - I believe that fashion is like heroin, once it gets into your veins, the sensation is one you want more and more of, as it takes you to a different plane of existence, a place where good things can happen in a magical, spontaneous way. So, werk that lewk baby ! Enjoy ! DF *****