Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dean Farris Interior Design

photograph by Christopher Holzbaur 1986

photograph by William R. Rain 2009 (click to enlarge)

I couldn't resist sharing these pictures, showing the contrast from 1986 to 2010... lets see, that's 24 years ! How that time has flown ! When you love your work as much as I do, it really doesn't often feel like "work", but more like a passion that you have a burning desire to fulfill.

When I was a teenager, there was a wonderful boutique in our town, called The Shop Of John Simmons. This wacky and chic shop made quite an impression on me. It was filled with things that would add a kind of rich hippie chic to your house, such as huge fake sunflowers, dried flowers, fun dishes and glassware, and interesting furniture items. They also had a design studio... I remember now that Fitz and Floyd was big then, and they had yellow cachepots trimmed in white bamboo... it all seemed exotic at the time. I loved going there and just soaking up the atmosphere.

So, now you know how I came up with the name The Shop of Dean Farris Interior Design ! Never in my life have I enjoyed something so much, as when I owned this small decorating shop... it was like the shops I had seen in England and France, where a consumer could purchase fabrics and other items related to decorating a home (or an office, several of which I designed during that time). I've concluded that I need to open another small decorating shop, here in Naples. The utter excitement of planning it and executing it is hard to explain, but you know, once you've been bitten by the decorating bug, its all over ! You just LOVE it, and you work like a fiend, but never seem to mind. We all have this in us, it just takes some time to discover whatever it is. Seek your passion, follow the light, and burn like a torch ! DF*****